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5 Reasons To Start A Blog For Your Hair Salon Business

Posted by Austin on

If you are still mind-debating¬† starting a blog for your local hair salon in paddington, this could be the eye-opener you’ve been waiting for.¬†

Let’s face it. You are not a good writer. You can’t make the committment. You want to focus on advancing your career. These could be some of the reasons you are still sitting on the fence. But you need to know this; if you can sit in your consultation room or behind the keyboard to answer clients’ questions, starting a blog for your hair salon business is simple as that.

Before you make a final decision, let’s talk about what blogging does for business owners why you should start one as well. 

People like to be where the get value. Where their questions are answered,  and where they could keep up with trends and tales related to their niche of interest. Mind you, hair salon is everyone’s niche. We’re talking about people in your target market seeking information about what you know. By giving them what they need, you also get what you want. 

If you are looking for one good reason to start a blog for your hair salon, here are five solid points to help you decide. 

1. Get More and More Clients

Getting new clients through your door is your everyday goal. Blogging is the perfect tool to reach new customers in your niche and take them away from your ccompetitors. When you share your expertise with people looking for it, your salon get more exposure to prospective clients, who otherwise might not know you exist. 

Be sure to answer questions that rinse through peoples’ mind, express your thought and emphasize why they need an expert like you. When client see that you have answers to their questions, they are likely to come through your door some day.  click here to learn best way of marketing.

2. More Traffic to Your Website

You might have read about the importance of website for your business or perhaps you already own one. That’s not enough to be successful online. Why? People search online through different keywords and the only way to keep up with dynamic search queries is through high-quality content. Google place huge emphasis on this. 

A salon blog with consistence and high-quality content is more attractive to search bots than a static website page. More well-written content means more organic traffic, then more potential clients. That’s how simple it is. 

Here’s a quick one. You have paddington hair salon and what to appear in search results when people in that area search for that service. Having a website that specifies that is good, but a blog post that emphasis it is better. It means to rank high, the website with the most relevant high quality content will win top spot for that search result. You might need this reminder often because your ompetitors are doing the same.

3. Become a Thought-Leader in The Salon Industry

Writing a blog can be a little like building personal brand. Soon enough, after months or years of sharing your thought, showcasing your creativity and expressing your innovation as a hair stylist, you will discover people have develop trust and confidence in you. 

When that happens, you are becoming an authority in your own very niche. You are recognized as an expert in the industry. Other professionals will reach out to you, people will come to you more for advice and your suggestion will start impacting lifes and trends in the industry. 

This will set you apart from others in the industry, you will build strong clientele of new and existing customers. 

4. Promote Your Social Media Pages

Coming up with content for your social media feed becomes tricky at times, especially if you will be doing this all year round. This can be avoided with a blog in place.  While your competitors are battling the headache of what to post, your blog is already a treasury to take from and shoot. 

The same blogposts that engages and interest your blog followers will do well to engage and interest your social media audience. They are like minded individuals. Besides creating awareness for your blog, you will get more followers on social platform. Great content will give you edge over your competitor.

You can amass massive readership through your social media pages, by sharing post that are already gaining traction and making sensation from your blog. You don’t need to share the complete post, just a teaser that pricks their curiosity and they will be more than willing to take the next step -read more on your blog. Once you are able to get them off social media, you can start setting your sales funnel right. visit to know about promoting social media pages.

5. Make Extra Bucks

It high time this is reiterated. Your salon blog isn’t a sales page. Don’t try to upsell or promote your services the hard way. However there are subtle way to get visitors open their wallet without coming out salesy. Remember, blog audience are top of the funnels prospects, they are around to learn, get informed and be entertained, not ready to be pitched to.

To monetize your blog, there two ways around this. One is to promote your products or help others promote theirs. The other is to allow ads space on your post pages. Here’s how it’s done. 

  • Promote Your products

Got some product line on your shelf you want to market? You can write blog post in form of product review to inform existing and prospective customers about such product. Make sure this isn’t hard sell. A good way is to go is to look for problems hair bearers face in their day-to-day routines and try suggest one of your own product as a remedy. By that, you are giving them what they came for- being informed, not selling. You can use the above technique to promote others peoples product as well. Put the link of the product as you write about what they do, and interested any party will click through. 

  • Another way is throght paid ads

Quite simple and straight forward. Find non-competing companies that have products your audience need. Join their affiliate program and start a little advertisement window on the side bar of your blog. This is often referred to as affiliate marketing, you earn a commission on every purchase through your blog. Pretty cool right?

You now have 5 amazing reasons to start blogging for your salon business. You can now make a decision without second guessing. Pretty sure you will take the bold step. The is ball is now in your court. Play wisely.