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6 Hair Salon Promotional Ideas To Build A Sustainable Business

Posted by Austin on

There many many talented hairdreser in paddington. They are best at what they do but still struggling to profit from their hair salon. In business, to be profitable at times goes beyond the quality of service. You need to employ some strategies that not only position you above competition, but also bring happiness to your purse. 

If you are looking for a great way to attract new clients, or get existing ones opening their wallet wider? Then you’ve just landed on the right page.

Often times hair stylist are bordered about why sales dried up. New clients aren’t coming in, existing ones are on shaky ground. 

Worry no more. There are effective promotional strategies you could deploy to push sales up again and put smile on yours and your client’s face. 

What you are about to learn is not a complex marketing tactics. They are simple but mighty promotional ideas that have been proven to work and work. Interestingly, they requires little to no effort at all, and comes at no significant cost to you. They are very quick, easy and simple such that, you can implement immediately. In fact, there’s no constraint to executing them.

It’s time to pick and deploy: 

1. Leverage Seasonal Events: 

Seasonal event or festive period are a good time to deploy special deals and promotion for your salon. Because they come at specific time of the year, they are easy to plan for. Creating relevant promotion for specific areas of your service can be pre-planned a year before.  click here to learn about hair salon business.

Try to make your offer relevant to the season at hand. You can also look further into local festivals and events that are in your immediate business environment. 

For instance, promoting your hair styling service for Halloween or your women hair care product during mother’s day and giving little discount on both will be a wise thing to do.

Be wary of cutting prices ridiculously while promoting your products and services during festivity. People are in joyous mode and are likely to spend more. Giving discount should be minimal if any. Here are some seasonal event you wouldn’t like to miss out on: Valentine & Halloween, Black Friday &Cyber monday, Father’s day, Mother’s day Christmas and Easter. 

2. Cross-sell and Upsell With Add-On Services

So your salon is fully operational but you want to make more profit from customer when they visit. The best away around this is to include express services. This add on services will not add any significant workload and time to your service, but will increase the amount of money spends by client on a single visit. 

For example, when client book appointment for blow dry service, a good add-on service is Volumizing hair treatment for those with thicker hair. Others include cross-selling scalp peeling treatment to a client that comes for shampooing service. 

Think of related services and used as add to a selected service. The logic is simple, they came in for one service, you make them leave with two or more. Another good example is hair glossing attached to a hair color service. If you can do this consistently, your salon profit will leap forward significantly. visit to learn difference between cross-sell and upsell.

3. Start a Client Loyalty Program

Loyal clients need to rewarded. They are the source of your salon profit. You need to keep them motivated by giving out something extra. By appreciating their coming back, you will make them keep coming back. You might have heard about client loyalty program but never see it in practice. Here’s a typical example of one.

You can attract new and retain existing customers by letting them know there’s a gift after every five visits to your salon. You could use a stamp to keep tab on visits. A client card is stamped at their first four visits and they are reward with a gift or discount on the fifth. 

Technology has make the process even simpler, some software can help you handle the process. 

4. Offer Referral Discounts

One of the most effective way for a hair salon to build strong clientele is Word-of-mouth. The best client are those that come through recommendation of others. This can happen just because they love your work, but how about getting intentional with it. The is called recommend-a-friend scheme

Tell your clients to refer their friends and offer discount to both the refferd and the referee. Beside attracting new clients, one great advantage of clients like this is that they are like to become loyal clients. You don’t need to limit this to your customers. You can extend to the business next door. Let them refer their family, friends and relative to your salon, and both party will get rewarded. 

5. Salon Promotion

Who doesn’t like a good deal? Special deal at special moment for special categories of people can also help promote your business. 

Consider offering discount on a specific service or line of product every month. This will get new client into your salon and at the same time notify others that your salon exist. They might even want to try out the service or product because of that discounted amount. If they get satisfaction from this, they become attracted to your salon.

Another example of special offer you may want to consider is New client specials: You can decide to give special price to all first time client.

6. Customer Service Matters

If you manage to diligently deploy all above, but you make your customers feel indifferent, you can only hope your effort won’t be in futility. Owning a salon means you are ready to pamper people, listen to them and do their biddings. You incentives might sum up to nothing if customers can’t get a memorable time out. 

Research has shown that 78% of customers don’t return to a salon because they sensed an attitude of indifference. You shouldn’t -because you are offering discount or they are here on a special deals- make them feel cheap. Here’s what your client need, if they can’t get it from you, they will go elsewhere. So face that reality. 

They want to feel respected, be listened to, they want to learn from your expertise is a subtle way. It is only a customer who get these that will come back and/or recommend your service. 

Always keep this in mind, there’s never a second chance to make a first impression.