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Pawn Stars: Mickey Mantle’s Rookie Bill of fare (Flavour 16) | History

Every bit a result of his investment value, collectibility and overall popularity, Mickey Mantle’s autograph is ane of the most forged in the entire sports memorabilia marketplace. Contributing to this is the fact that Drapery’south signature changed considerably from his playing days to the items signed mail-retirement. When evaluating signature items, the historic period of the slice must be taken into business relationship when matching items to autograph way.

Below yous volition notice examples of what authentic Mickey Mantle autographs look like.

This tin be used as a first point of reference for determining the legitimacy of autograph memorabilia, but is not a substitute for having your items authenticated by a well-respected professional autograph hallmark company.
Some of the trusted sources within the sports memorabilia marketplace for authenticated Mickey Mantle autographs include the post-obit companies: PSA, JSA, Upper Deck and Steiner. Click on any of the images below to view full-size photos.

What Is The Most Valuable Signature In The Globe

George Washingtons Acts of Congress: $9.8 Million. The first place in this list of about expensive autographs belongs to George Washingtons personal copy of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Kickoff Congress. He signed the first page of this volume which was put upward for auction at Sothebys in 2012.

How Much Are Mantle Baseball game Cards Worth

Drapery spent 18 seasons in the MLB, so fans saw a lot of Mantle baseball cards produced. Equally you may imagine, non all of them are worth as much. Value tends to depend on factors like status, twelvemonth, and overall scarcity. At the depression end, the Mantle card produced for Red Eye Canis familiaris Food has an boilerplate value of around $4,250, reports PSA Collector.

From in that location, Pall cards just get more expensive. Even cards from later in his career can fetch enormous sums. For instance, his 1969 Topps card may be worth as much as $40,000 if you have the rare variant with white borders. The same card with the more mutual yellow borders usually goes for around $viii,500.

The majority of Mantles baseball cards have five-digit values ranging from $15,000 to $99,999. A few Mantle cards manage to intermission into six-digit territory. These include the 1953 Topps carte du jour, valued at $100,000, and the 1951 Bowman rookie carte, which has a staggering value of $750,000.

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Mainstream Mickey Mantle Cards

Outset let’s take a look at Curtain’s key mainstream cards from Topps and Bowman before we talk about some of his oddball cards.

These are the ones that near collectors are familiar with.

In that location are 21 in full and so putting together his “base” set tin can take some time…and money…

But, if you lot’re up for the claiming, it’s an extremely rewarding pursuit and his cards should remain in high need for quite some time.

The Nigh Expensive Mantle Baseball Card Ever

1964 Topps Mickey Mantle #50 Signed Autographed Baseball Card PSA DNA ...

Just IN: The 1952 Mickey Mantle Topps bill of fare has just sold for $ii.88 meg. It is the second highest price ever paid for a baseball card. #1 is $iii.12 million paid for a T206 Honus.

Darren Rovell

The rarest and most expensive of Mantles cards is the 1952 card produced for Topps. Mantles get-go for Topps, it features a striking design with bright colors. Although the series of cards had ii print runs, the manufacturer trashed a large corporeality of them, unwittingly driving up the scarcity.

As a issue, this has become the single nigh valuable Pall card by a long shot. In 2018, a 1952 Topps Mantle carte sold for $2.88 million dollars, reports USA Today, making it the second most expensive baseball menu ever sold. The well-nigh expensive was a 1909 Honus Wagner card that brought in $3.12 million in 2016.

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Topps Mickey Pall #311

This is the chiliad-daddy of them all and, perhaps, the hobby’s most iconic menu. The
1952 Topps
Mickey Mantle started the rookie card craze of the mid-1980s when collectors realized that vintage copies of the card were starting to command huge dollars. Many were seeing greater returns than traditional investment portfolios. Oddly plenty, it’s not a rookie carte du jour equally Bowman released one a year earlier. But it is the landmark carte of one of the hobby’southward about important sets. The legend has overtaken any labels that might be fastened to it.

For years, baseball game cards were produced in multiple serial with the first being printed at the commencement of the season and afterwards series closer to the terminate. Latter serial were printed in smaller quantities every bit the focus of children turned to the showtime of football season and a render to schoolhouse. Curtain’s carte #311 was printed in a later series and, legend has it, that and so Topps CEO, Sy Berger, dumped hundreds of unsold Topps cases into the Hudson River, forever sealing countless 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle cards in a watery tomb.

Score Mickey Drapery Autograph 7/2500

This 1991 Score is the ultimate Mickey Pall signed baseball card. This autographed ready was well received and very popular. Limited to 2,500 signed seven-card sets, collectors wanted certain key numbers, making numbers such equally No. one, No. 536 and fifty-fifty numbers such equally 100, 200 and then on highly desirable. However, the single example everyone wanted was the corresponding bailiwick of jersey number signed card of The Mick. We present to you the No. 7/2500 signed carte of the No. 7 card in the set. Double number vii! This numbering sequence is like the Mick hit a home run from both sides of the plate in the same at bat! Well, that would exist impossible, but obtaining this bill of fare is not impossible. This card has been graded in two means, and and then encapsulated past Beckett Grading Services. They accept accounted the card to exist MINT 9 and the stellar, dark blueish Sharpie “Mickey Drapery” signature to be GEM MINT x in appearance. This is the ultimate signed Mickey Mantle baseball carte.

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What Is The Value Of A Mickey Pall Autograph

As of July, 2014, a Mickey Mantle autograph is worth anywhere between $300 to $fifty,000.
In that location are many factors that go into estimating the value of both sports memorabilia and autographs. These include the signature condition, specific item signed and whether or not the item includes a letter of authenticity.

As of July, 2014, Mickey Curtain autographed items include baseball game cards with printed signatures for $300 to $350, a New York Yankees autographed hat for close to $1,800 and an autographed baseball for $1,200.

According to Leila Dunbar of Leila Dunbar Appraisals and Consulting, a very expensive Mickey Mantle autograph was appraised in 2008. That year, the brawl, signed by Mickey Drapery, Babe Ruth and Roger Maris, was worth $30,000 to $fifty,000. The key to this items value was the condition of the signatures of all 3 players. Additionally, this is the only brawl known to be signed by all 3 players.

Mickey Mantle Card Breaks Tape Equally Sports Memorabilia Soar

The Value of Mickey Mantle Baseball Cards

NEW YORK A mint condition Mickey Mantle baseball card sold for $12.half dozen million Sun, blasting into the record books as the about ever paid for sports memorabilia in a market that has grown exponentially more than lucrative in recent years.

The rare Mantle card eclipsed the record just posted a few months ago $ix.3 million for the jersey worn by Diego Maradona when he scored the contentious Paw of God goal in soccers 1986 World Cup.

Information technology easily surpassed the $7.25 million for a century-old Honus Wagner baseball bill of fare recently sold in a private sale.

And just last month, the heavyweight boxing belt reclaimed by Muhammad Ali during 1974s Rumble in the Jungle sold for nearly $half-dozen.2 million.

All are part of a booming market for sports collectibles.

Prices have risen not merely for the rarest items, simply also for pieces that might have been collecting dust in garages and attics. Many of those items get in onto consumer sale sites similar eBay, while others are put up for bidding by sale houses.

  • Queen Elizabeth is featured on several currencies. At present what?

  • Some saw collectibles as a hedge against inflation over the past couple years, he said, while others rekindled childhood passions.


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    Mickey Drape Rookie Cards Checklist Gallery

    Mickey Mantle’s rookie carte is mostly considered to be from
    1951 Bowman Baseball. In that same year, Wheaties cereal issued a set of eight black and white premium photographs, one of which was Drapery. Despite not beingness his first carte du jour, the 1952 Topps Mickey Drapery deserves mention as well. Additionally, in 1952, the Tip-Top Staff of life Company issued a characterization bearing his likeness, which is quite collectible, as are his 1952 Star-Cal Decal and 1952 Berk Ross cards.

    Bowman #253 Mickey Mantle Rookie Card

    Estimated PSA eight Value: $125,000

    This is the true recognized Mickey Mantle rookie carte du jour despite his 1952 Topps issue being commonly misinterpreted as a rookie card.

    I’ve always liked the look of this card with its horizontal layout, the artwork and the delineation of Mantle wearing number half-dozen every bit he did very early on in his career.

    Along with the Willie Mays rookie card, this is one of the keys in the set to own.

    Interestingly, although it is his rookie card, this is i of those rare instances when a actor’southward rookie card is not necessarily his most expensive.

    That distinction would go to his 1952 Topps card.

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    Best Mickey Mantle Baseball Cards: The Ultimate Collectors Guide

    If you lot collect Mickey Drapery baseball cards then you know ane affair is for certain:

    they aren’t inexpensive.

    He was one of the most pop players of his era and an icon for one of the game’southward all-time great franchises.

    Mantle put up absolutely incredible numbers over his career…

    And we’ll ever wonder just how much better he might have been had he not suffered that fateful knee injury in the 1951 Earth Series.

    Regardless, the Yankees icon and won the hearts of many fans. And that puts his baseball cards in very high demand.

    And in this guide we’ll look at all his mainstream cards and some of my favorite oddball bug.

    Permit’s bound right in!

    Ross Uitts – Owner

    Are y’all selling sports cards that were produced from 1868 – 1975?

    If and then, and so please fill out the form below and I’ll exist in touch on right away. Or, experience costless to call/text me at 305-684-6680!

    Rare Mickey Pall Card Sells For Record $126 Mln

    Mickey Mantle Yankees Signed 1952 Topps Rookie Baseball Autograph PSA ...

    Memorabilia from New York Yankees fable Mickey Pall is auctioned inNew York on December 8, 2003. REUTERS/Fleck East CME/GAC

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    The rare Drape carte, sold by Heritage Auctions, surpassed a record of $9.3 million ready in May for the shirt worn by Diego Maradona, when he scored the contentious ‘Hand of God’ goal at the 1986 World Cup.

    “An eight-figure sale outcome in the sports market was the stuff of fantasy just a decade agone,” Chris Ivy, director of sports auctions at Heritage, said in a statement.

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    “We always knew this menu would shatter records and expectations. Merely that doesn’t make it any less of a thrill.”

    The previous record for a sports menu was $7.25 million, set this month by a century-quondam ‘T206’ Honus Wagner card in a private sale facilitated by collectibles marketplace Goldin.

    Pall, one of the best switch-hitters in baseball game history, played his unabridged Major League Baseball career with the New York Yankees from 1951-68 and was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1974.

    The record-breaking carte, which has get the start sports item auctioned for eight figures, is from his rookie flavour and was issued by the collectible visitor Topps in 1952.

    The card was brought to Heritage by Anthony Giordano, a waste management entrepreneur from New Jersey, who bought it for $50,000 in 1991.

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    Mickey Mantle Autographed Baseball Menu

    Offered is a rare 1969, “yellow” lettering, Mickey Mantle manus-signed carte.

    1969 was the baseball game legends final year playing in the MLB.

    five% of the hammer cost for this purchased bundle volition exist remitted to the benefiting clemency upon successful fulfillment. Please be enlightened that this auction is not revenue enhancement-deductible.

    • This card is slabbed and certified by PSA/DNA.
    • Cannot exist returned or exchanged.
    • Boosted aircraft charges may utilise based upon the location of the winner.

    The following Conditions of Sale and Terms of Guarantee, as amended by any posted notices or announcements during the auction and in improver to the Term of Utilize for Charitybuzz.com, are Charitybuzz, LLC and the Sellers unabridged agreement with the purchaser and whatever bidders relative to the property listed in this lot.

    The Conditions of Auction, Terms of Guarantee, the glossary, if any, and all other contents of this lot are subject to amendment past usa by the posting of such amendments on the Charitybuzz website . The property volition be offered by united states of america equally amanuensis for the Seller, unless the lot indicates otherwise.

    All auction bidders and purchase now purchasers understand that these Conditions of Sale set the terms and conditions upon which this lot is offered. Your participation through bidding, buy and/or registration constitutes acknowledgement and understanding to be contractually bound past these terms and weather, including agreement to pay the buyers premium, and all other fees and charges listed herein.

    Mickey Mantles Baseball Legacy

    The Yankees signed Drape to his first minor league contract in 1949, shortly after he graduated from high school. The athlete spent his offset small-scale-league yr with the Class-D Independence Yankees, before moving upwards to Form-C team, the Joplin Miners, in 1950. He struggled defensively, but Mantles incredible batting skills became credible in his sophomore flavor.

    Mantle made his spring to the majors the adjacent year. This began an 18-year career with the Yankees. Though he always struggled with injuries, it didnt stop him from racking up monster numbers. Mantle was undoubtedly a slugger, smacking equally many equally 52 home runs in the 1956 season and earning his first MVP.

    Yet he also showed a surprising amount of finesse at the plate, averaging 163 hits per season. In other words, Mantle managed to get his bat on the ball oftentimes, leading to some infrequent batting averages in his career. For instance, during his 1956 MVP season, Mantle had a batting average of .353.

    Curtain made 16 All-Star teams and earned three MVP awards . During his historic 1956 season, Mantle the AL batting champion earned a Triple Crown. Mantle was no defensive slouch either. In 1962, he won his sole Aureate Glove Honor.

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    What Is The Rarest Autograph In Sports

    Ane of the rarest sports autographs of all fourth dimension is from
    Archibald Moonlight Graham. Only v of the baseball players autographs are known to exist, including a check signed in 1963 that sold for $three,000 at an auction in 2008 and a 1906 minor league postcard with his signature that sold for $5,000 in 2015.

    Source: https://www.baseballloveclub.com/mickey-mantle-autographed-baseball-card/

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