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  • Bitcoin Legalization Risks

    | Following the approval of the Bitcoin Law in Republic of el salvador by the members of the Legislative Assembly, which creates a legal framework that recognizes this digital currency every bit legal tender in the country, the International monetary fund warns that fiscal and legal risks have arisen.

  • Finance: Optimism for New Musical instrument

    | Negotiable certificates of deposit, a new investment tool that was authorized in El Salvador, generates expectations because it promises to meliorate the yield of savings and may be processed with no need to register it in an agency.

  • Fiscal Services: What are Consumers Looking for?

    | Between July and October 2020, the number of people in El salvador exploring mortgage options online increased by 18%, and the number of Costa Rican consumers looking to buy credit cards decreased past 60%.

  • Republic of el salvador: Loan Portfolio Downwards

    | Given the outbreak of covid-19 and the imposition of restrictions on economic activity, between Feb and June of this twelvemonth the corporeality of loans granted by the banking sector reported a 1.ii% driblet.

  • Credits: Potential Market in the Region

    | In the countries of the region, more 8 million people are looking for credit on the Internet. Of this group of consumers, approximately 9% explore options for taking out a student loan.

  • Financial Services: Business Potential in Central America

    | At a regional level, nearly sixteen million people are looking to buy financial services online. Of this group of consumers, approximately 11% are exploring options for acquiring a credit card.

  • Banco Nacional de Republic of costa rica Extends Credit for Covid-19

    | The coronavirus has left an economical touch in several countries. For this reason, some governments are developing exceptional measures to mitigate its furnishings. For example, the suspension of taxation and mortgage payments to lessen the economic pressure on small-scale businesses and households.

  • Central America: Negative Outlook for the Cyberbanking Sector

    | Fitch Ratings agreed to change the perspective of the region’s banks from stable to negative, arguing that the current health crisis will affect financial institutions in all countries.

  • Bank Credits: Collection of Penalties Prohibited

    | In El salvador, banks will not be able to charge any kind of penalty to clients who, due to the crisis of the covid-19, fail to pay their credit quotas.

  • Covid-19: Outlook for the Financial Sector

    | The touch on of the coronavirus crisis on the financial sector in Central America is expected to exist felt mainly in services related to stock brokerage and investment communication, where a drop is expected.

  • How is the Business Surround in Antiguo Cuscatlan?

    | It is estimated that in the municipality of Antiguo Cuscatlán, in El Salvador, nigh 23% of the commercial establishments correspond to companies in the service sector, which are mostly beauty salons, supermarkets and clothing stores.

  • Banking Concentration Authorized in El Salvador

    | The Superintendence of Contest authorized the merger request submitted in 2019 by the conglomerates Inversiones Financieras Imperia Cuscatlán and The Bank of Nova Scotia.

  • El Salvador: Loan Portfolio Increases by 5%

    | Up to July 2019, gross loans in the country totaled $12,840 million, v% more than than the amount reported in the same month of 2018.

  • Republic of el salvador: New Bank Starts Operations

    | On August 26, ABANK began operations in the country, a banking institution that emerged as a result of the acquisition of Banco Azteca’s shares by Grupo Perinversiones.

  • El Salvador: Scotiabank Purchase Approved

    | The Superintendence of Competition notified Imperia Intercontinental Inc., the main shareholder of Banco Cuscatlán, that the asking to purchase the cyberbanking and insurance operations of the Canadian entity was accustomed.


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