BLACKPINK accept just dropped their comeback single, and fans are going wild for one detail in the new song,
Pinkish Venom.

The S Korean girl grouping made up of Jisoo, Jenni, Rosé and Lisa, released their first single in 2 years and at the fourth dimension of publication its video had racked upward more than fifty million views on YouTube in just nine hours.

The pre-release single from their forthcoming sophomore album,
Born Pinkish, had fans trawling over every item.

While many were impressed with the erstwhile school hip hop rapping by Jennie and Lisa, it was a nod to superstar Rihanna that sent Twitter into a frenzy.

blackpink coachella
BLACKPINK perform at Coachella, 2019. They are embarking on a new earth tour in October

Rich Fury

Early in the vocal Thailand-born Lisa’s commencement heard singing, “Ane past one then two by two, Everything collapses at the picture show of my fingertip, Quite fancy for a fake evidence,” which is an interpolation of Rihanna’s debut single,
Pon De Replay.

In the 2005 song, which peaked at number two on the Billboard charts, Rihanna sings: “It goes one by ane, even two past ii/ Everybody on the flooring, let me bear witness you lot how we do.”

An interpolation in music is when one song re-records the modified melody or lyrics of some other song rather than sampling it.

Pon De Replay
speedily trended on Twitter every bit fans reacted with a mix of surprise and excitement.

Pon De Replay
being interpolated by a BLACKPINK song is the accented final thing I e’er expected,” wrote ane fan.

Some other added: “Loving the reference to Rihanna’s
Pon De Replay
Pinkish Venom, it’due south one of my favorite Rihanna songs! Brings dorsum a lot of nostalgia!!! And when I heard it first I was like OMGGG.”

Other fans commented on the new sound for BLACKPINK which combined a range of musical genres.

“A new chorus structure, a traditional Korean instrument, 90s hiphop, rock pre-chorus, a
Pon De Replay
sample hello???” pointed out 1 fan.

BLACKPINK’south members accept had a long lasting love for Rihanna with Jennie revealing she was her favorite vocalizer. She even auditioned for YG Entertainment—the entertainment group that created BLACKPINK—past singing Rihanna’due south
Take A Bow.

“My number one idol will always exist Rihanna. She has everything I desire to have,” Jennie told
Elle Korea.

BLACKPINK as well famously performed a sexy trip the light fantastic toe routine to a
B***h Amend Take My Money
remix during their pre-fame rehearsals.

The Thousand-pop daughter group volition make their much anticipated return to the phase at next calendar week’s MTV VMAs, when they perform
Pink Venom
alive for the commencement time always.

Afterwards a hiatus to focus on solo projects, BLACKPINK will go on world tour in October 2022 through to June 2023.

On July 29, the group released a music video for their new song
Fix for Love, which was released in collaboration with the game PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds). The song is likely to appear on their new album.

rihanna fenty launch
Rihanna celebrates the launch of Fenty Beauty at ULTA Dazzler in Los Angeles, 2022
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YG Entertainment confirmed that BLACKPINK’S upcoming album will be part of “a continuous big-scale project which will extend through the 2d half of the year.”

Information technology said of the comeback: “A lot of BLACKPINK-esque music has been prepared over a long menses of time.

“On acme of new music and large-scale projects, BLACKPINK will besides keep the largest earth tour in the history of a Yard-popular girl group by the end of the twelvemonth to expand their rapport with fans worldwide.”

Their tour is going to start in Seoul, Due south Korea before the girl group head over to the U.S. for several stops. At the stop of November, BLACKPINK will get head to Europe through to December, and in Jan the band will and so go do several concerts in Asia before heading to the UAE, Australia and New Zealand.