In our day-to-24-hour interval lives, most of the states use traditional currencies to pay for products and services, be it by bill of fare, cash, or even our phone. But now, you lot can pay for a broad variety of things using Bitcoin, the world’s commencement and nigh valuable cryptocurrency. So, what exactly can yous purchase with your Bitcoin funds?

1. A Auto

blue bmw car

Looking for a new ride? Well, you might be able to use your Bitcoin to buy the ane yous’ve got your eye on. While not every motorcar manufacturer or dealer accepts cryptocurrency payments, many do, including AutoCoinCars, Post Oak Motor Cars, and BitCars.

I thing to note here is that Tesla does non accept Bitcoin. Many believe that y’all tin use Bitcoin to purchase a Tesla, as the visitor’south owner, Elon Musk, has gone dorsum and forth on the decision to do so. Even so, at the moment, Dogecoin is the only cryptocurrency that Tesla accepts for payment.

2. Your Morning Java

starbucks patterned red cup on table

That’southward right; you can at present fifty-fifty buy a simple cup of java using Bitcoin. In 2021, Starbucks, one of the globe’south almost popular and widespread coffee chains, partnered with the digital wallet Bakkt to allow for Bitcoin payments at checkout. Customers just demand to add together their Bakkt digital wallet to their Starbucks app, and they tin can quickly and conveniently pay using Bitcoin at whatsoever Starbucks location.

iii. Gift Cards

gift box on wooden table

While you tin can’t buy anything you want directly with Bitcoin, yous can go around this issue by buying gift cards using crypto, which you can then use to pay for any number of products or services traditionally.

A especially popular site used to purchase souvenir cards with crypto is known as Bitrefill. Bitrefill allows you to purchase gift cards for thousands of brands using your Bitcoin, including Amazon, Xbox, Steam, Nike, and even Uber. Merely it doesn’t stop there. You tin can as well purchase gift cards on Bitrefill with Litecoin, Ethereum, and more.

You lot tin also buy gift cards with your crypto on CoinGate, CryptoRefills, and eGifter.

four. Electronics

person on tablet next to laptop

Need a new laptop? Looking for a new smartphone? If you’ve got some Bitcoin funds stored away, you can utilise them to purchase tech products.

One of the biggest tech companies currently accepting Bitcoin payments is Newegg. Forth with several other altcoins, Newegg allows Bitcoin payments via BitPay, a crypto payment processing app. But it’south important to note that Newegg does non offering refunds for any purchases made via BitPay.

Several other companies also accept Bitcoin payments to purchase tech products, such as Crypto Emporium. Y’all can even sell your tech for crypto on this site.

5. Groceries

grocery store dairy aisle

Heading out for your weekly grocery haul? Y’all may exist able to use Bitcoin to pay for that. Y’all can either purchase a gift card for your selected grocery store or via a payment processing app.

There are many different grocery store gift cards that you can buy with your Bitcoin, including those for Whole Foods, Walmart, and Kroger. Wholefoods used to accept crypto payments directly, but this is unfortunately no longer the case.

6. Games

pair of playstation controllers under dark lighting

If yous’re into both gaming and crypto, you lot tin can now merge the two. There are many means through which y’all tin buy games using crypto. Yous can purchase a gift card online for the vendor of your pick, such as Steam, PlayStation, or Xbox, or you can use a defended website that accepts game payments via crypto.

Joltfun is a prime example of a website that accepts Bitcoin for game purchases. Using this site, you can either purchase keys for specific games or add funds to another game vendor wallet. Yous’ll so receive an email containing the cardinal lawmaking when you purchase a key. You tin can and then employ this to actuate the game on a supported platform. Other sites, such equally Keys4Coins, besides offer the same service.

7. Subscriptions

person using remote to put netflix on television

You’re not only able to buy physical products with Bitcoin. You tin can buy subscriptions, too! Whether you desire to sign up to a VPN provider, cloud storage, or even a streaming service, y’all can use your Bitcoin to do and then.

While some subscription services accept Bitcoin payments straight, you lot’ll have to go through a gift carte du jour conduit for others. For case, you can pay for an ExpressVPN subscription on the company site using your Bitcoin, but you’ll have to buy a souvenir card to pay for a Netflix subscription with your crypto.

8. Flights

plane flying over city

Who’d have thought the twenty-four hour period would come when you could travel the world using your crypto? If you’re looking to hop on a plane without using traditional greenbacks, that’s at present very much a possibility.

At that place are some websites that you can use to pay for flights using your Bitcoin, including Travala, AlternativeAirlines, and AirBaltic. Additionally, y’all can purchase gift cards for adaptation using the sites we mentioned in office iii of this list.

nine. Fast Food and Takeout

two burgers on wooden board

If you’re looking to take hold of a quick bite or volume yourself a nice dinner, you may exist able to use your Bitcoin funds to practise so. Starbucks, Burger King, and select Subway locations all accept Bitcoin as payment, and you can likewise purchase souvenir cards with your crypto to pay for takeout via Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Deliveroo.

10. Article of clothing

pile of rolled up denim

At the moment, at that place aren’t an awful lot of clothing companies that accept Bitcoin payments, only in that location are still a select few that practise, including Norstrom Rack, Etsy (for selected sellers), and Pacsun.

Many clothing companies that have Bitcoin use payment processors, like BitPay, to facilitate purchases, so you lot’ll need to check what you need to practise before attempting to apply Bitcoin to buy clothing from these vendors.

various tools on wooden table

Looking to jazz upward your home a lilliputian? Y’all can now use Bitcoin to do so. One of the U.Southward’s biggest hardware stores, Dwelling Depot, accepts payments in Bitcoin via the payment processor Flexa. With Flexa checkout machines now installed in their stores, Home Depot makes information technology easy for individuals to pay for their home improvement and hardware products using their Bitcoin.

12. Homeware

picture of living room

Given that Habitation Depot also has a homeware range, you can catch some great additions for your home from your local shop. On top of this, you can also caput to Overstock’s online store to purchase homeware with Bitcoin, as it has a massive range of dissimilar products that you tin can use to spruce up your living space.

As Bitcoin becomes more widely accepted, more than and more than companies are commencement to adopt information technology as a payment method. I mean solar day, cryptocurrency payments might exist commonplace, with all your favorite brands following conform. But, for now, yous can all the same grab some great products and services using your decentralized cash.