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Decentraland Map – The Metaverse Country Map to Discover Available Country

Decentraland is no longer just an upward-and-coming metaverse, it’s THE metaverse. If you can choose to purchase land anywhere, we would recommend Decentraland – if you tin beget it. Its 90,601 land parcels accept shot up in prices with the most expensive plot being worth over $3 one thousand thousand! Are there any land parcels still available and how do you notice them with the Decentraland map?

Decentraland State Map Color Key

Decentraland Map


has NFTs in various forms, such as wearables, and non just state parcels. Simply if you desire a literal piece of the action, the first thing potential country owners need to do is to become acquainted with the Decentraland map fable, or the state map color fundamental.

The 90,601 land parcels make up Genesis City, which consists of 9 plazas of land.

You lot can run across a bird’s heart view of Genesis Metropolis, and the colour-coding signifies unlike things:

Country –

the land is depicted in ii colors, blue and dark grey. Blue is land plots available for purchase and night grey are ones that have already been bought.

Districts –

The districts are outlined in royal and are fabricated upward of multiple land parcels

Plazas –

Plazas are in green and not for sale. They are places where people can respawn and besiege.

Roads –

All the roads in Genesis City are lite grayness in contrast to the dark gray unavailable plots.

Decentraland Prices

Like land properties in the real globe, virtual real estate will also vary in cost depending on its location. You tin can always keep upward to engagement with the NFT costs on NFT stats websites
, where stats are clearly listed.

As we said, plazas are where players respawn and they are as well areas visited by the nearly players, so land parcels closer to these areas will cost more (and resell for more). We think it’s important to notation that things in the crypto NFT world are constantly changing, so who knows if hereafter updates could incorporate other features that make other areas see more foot traffic and increase or decrease prices.

What Can I Do with Decentraland Land Parcels?

Genesis City in the Decentralandmetaverseinfinite is literally a virtual world. You lot can do many things such as hosting events, gambling in virtual casinos, and building your own feel on your private plot of state. You can actually create profitable business ventures, hire employees, and earn a profit.

Decentraland land plots can also assist you with content curation where you lot can brandish your image NFT avails for other collectors to visit, browse and even buy.

NFT land parcels are but 1 of the NFT types that Decentraland has to offer, merely they are currently what’southward the most profitable and have the highest value.

At that place is a ton of things you can exercise on Decentraland within Genesis Urban center and who knows what the future tin bring.

Frequently Asked Questions

• Is at that place a map of Decentraland?

Yes, there is a map of Decentraland. The map is a bird’s centre view of Genesis City, which is made up of a total of 90,601 land parcels and everything is color-coded to symbolize landmarks and what’southward available and unavailable.

• What is the cheapest country in Decentraland?

The cheapest land in Decentraland is around 4,000 MANA, which is also shut to $iv,000. Keep in heed that these prices ever fluctuate and are as volatile as the crypto market place. To get the latest prices, cheque out sites such as NFT Drops.

• How big is a plot of country in Decentraland?

A plot of land in Decentraland measures 16 by sixteen meters. Each state parcel is an individual NFT (not-fungible token) and is a piece of virtual real manor on which users can build and create experiences.


The map of Decentraland, or Genesis City to be exact, gives users a clear impression of the lay of the country with color-coding to communicate what is available and what’s not. The location of the plot you lot cull will impact the price, but there is so much the collector can practise on the plot such every bit host events and even create a passive stream of income.


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