Do You Have To Verify Kucoin

KYC verification is quite common in centralized exchanges. KuCoin officially implemented information technology in November 2018. Currently, the platform supports ii levels of private KYC: Basic and Advanced Verification. Completing each level will enable you to access more services on the platform.

Bank check the YouTube video below for footstep-by-step guidance on KYC verification on KuCoin. Or you tin can continue reading this commodity to understand why and how to consummate KYC verification.


1. Why KuCoin Uses KYC

2. How to Complete KYC Verification

3. Why KYC Verification Failed

1. Why KuCoin Uses KYC

KuCoin officially implemented KYC in November 2018, which was of import for meeting the changing rules in the crypto manufacture for fighting confronting cybercrimes such as scams, fraud, and money laundering.

Past completing different levels of KYC verification on KuCoin, you volition be able to enjoy more than privileges. The chart beneath outlines the differences in terms of daily withdrawal limit, fiat trading limit, and futures trading leverage limit for each verification status.


Moreover, KYC verification is highly recommended on KuCoin considering such KYC information can help you lot recover your KuCoin account apace in the consequence of you forgetting your credentials for accessing the platform or your account being taken over by others due to the leakage of personal information.

2. How to Consummate KYC Verification

Verification on KuCoin is pretty simple. We accept prepared a two-minute video to show yous how it can be completed in a few clicks. Check it out!

If you cannot watch the video, don’t worry, you lot tin go on reading the article, and we will guide you footstep by pace. First, log in to your KuCoin account, and click on

KYC Verification

under the avatar to visit the KYC page.


KuCoin supports individual verification and institutional verification. For retail investors, delight go to

KYC Verification

Individual Verification
, and click on

Commencement Verification

to submit your information.


KuCoin supports two levels of private KYC: KYC1 (Basic Verification) and KYC2 (Advanced Verification), and at each level, the information required for filling in is different.

Please note that the submission of false or invalid information may issue in the rejection of the verification. Besides,
all blank fields highlighted with a “*” are required.
Once information technology is submitted, the information cannot be modified until the review effect is published.

2.1. KYC1 (Basic Verification)

Delight click on

Start Verification

on the Individual Verification folio. Fill in information such every bit your first proper noun, last name, and ID number, and click on


for review. Usually, the upshot of KYC1 volition be published in a few hours.


ii.2. KYC2 (Advanced Verification)

One time KYC1 is completed, you volition now be able to apply for KYC2 (Advanced Verification) to enjoy more than benefits on the platform. Please click on

Proceed to Get More Benefits

to apply.


On the side by side page, you volition be asked to submit the

front side

and the

back side

of your identity document.
You will also exist required to upload a

selfie photo

of you holding the identity document, and a handwritten note. Usually, the result of KYC2 will be published in a few days.


Please make sure the

identity document photos

are consequent with the ID information provided in KYC1. It is also of import to ensure that the photos are articulate and readable. You lot tin can detect some good and bad examples below for your reference.



selfie photo

must include iii things: one) your portrait, 2) the written paper note, and 3) your ID document. The ID document must exist the original version. And on the paper note, please include the lawmaking shown on the KYC page (it volition change on a daily basis), the date, and your signature. Below is a good instance of a selfie photo for your reference.


If you still have questions well-nigh the selfie photo required, check the YouTube video beneath to go more instructions, or contact our online support for further assistance.


  • One ID document can be used for verifying a maximum of
    3 KuCoin accounts
  • The accepted prototype formats are
    JPG and PNG
  • The size of the prototype file should be
    less than 4MB
  • The accepted ID documents tin can be an
    ID carte, driver’s license, passport, etc.
  • Network issues may event in photos declining to upload. Kindly
    change the network or browser
    and retry later
  • Users from sure countries volition not be able to laissez passer KYC verification on KuCoin due to regulatory reasons

3. Why KYC Verification Failed

Many reasons may pb to the failure or rejection of KYC verification. Once the review is completed, we volition notify you of the result via email/SMS.

If your verification has been rejected, yous can log in to your KuCoin account and find the detailed reasons for verification failure on the

KYC Verification

page. Please check it carefully and adjust accordingly when you lot make another submission.



We hope this article has been helpful. Please attain out to our 24/7 client support via
online chat


submit a ticket

if you have any other questions.

Happy trading on KuCoin!


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