For some gamers, just sitting down to play is not enough anymore. Some intermission world records by blow, while other grit their teeth and grind to fix a new tape. Whichever the instance, throughout the years a lot of Guinness World Records have been gear up past defended gamers all over the world.

Some of these records are jew-dropping, while others are simply bizarre, just all of them deserve a salute. There are those that seem unbreakable, or even detrimental to the wellness of someone who attempts it. Here are the 10 Guinness World Records in gaming that seem pretty incommunicable to vanquish.


Longest Minecraft Marathon

Minecraft Poster

People who play
go trapped for hours on end, as its open-globe endless gameplay is highly addictive. Just while ordinary players log off subsequently nigh four hours, a dedicated
Minecraft-savvy Mark Walls-Sawchuk sat downwards to play his favorite game and only saw the outside world 35 hours and 40 minutes afterwards.

While some got close to this 2016 record, no one has beaten information technology. Withal, this wasn’t just a goofy attempt to set a meaningless earth record. In fact, Mark streamed his tape-breaking session live, and used it to raise money for St. Jude’s Children Hospital.


Longest Halo Marathon

Halo Poster

fans just can’t seem to get plenty. In fact, one detail
fan, Paavo Niskala from Finland, managed to set the Guinness World Record for the longest
marathon. His run clocked in at 50 hours, 4 minutes and 17 seconds.

Ever since that Oct dark in 2015, no one has been able to break this record. Niskala claimed this accomplishment every bit a celebration for the launch of
Halo five.
Truly, what improve way to pay tribute to someone’s favorite video game than playing information technology for l hours direct?


Longest Mario Kart Marathon

Mario Kart Poster

One of the virtually addictive video games out there, the
Mario Kart
serial holds a number of Guinness Earth Records. Ane of the most impressive of these records is the major marathon held past Ben Fick, Anthony Lehnertz, and Hunter Nierman.

This twoscore-60 minutes marathon was held in the University of Iowa Stead Family unit Children Hospital. Throughout the journey, the trio invited hospital patients to join in as the fourth thespian in the game. Hats off to this endearing tape, that hasn’t been cleaved in three years.


Almost “F” Words In A Video Game

Swearing in Video Games

Ane of the most bizarre records recognized by the committee of Guinness Globe Records, is the virtually swear words in a video game. While a lot of games drop the “F” bomb a number of times, the nearly famous is probablyMafia Two
with 397 uses, approximately once every 2 minutes. However, the highest occurrence of the “F” word is actually in the 2006 gameScarface: The World is Yours.

This game drops the 4-letter word a full of 5688 times. It’due south uncertain whether this was an intentional effort to set a world record or non. While the breaking of this record is not up to the players, rather it’s the developers’ chore, it’s still quite impressive. It’s always a useful fun fact for dull conversations.


Fastest Completion Of Star Wars: Battlefront Survival Way

Star Wars Battlefront Gameplay Poster

Other Guinness World Records in the gaming category strive for speed rather than long marathons. One highly impressive record was that of Keren and Tim Immature from the UK. This father-daughter duo managed to consummate the survival way of
without using blasters in nine minutes and 18 seconds.

For some families, a team-building practise is improve left under x minutes, as these ii prove. They ready this record in the summer of 2018 and oasis’t been beaten to this day. Whatever their motivation, it’s i of the most impressive records in the gaming genre waiting to exist broken.


Largest Pokémon Memorabilia Collection

Pokemon Collectible Plushies

Lisa Courtney lives in the UK, and her way of dealing with grey skies and rain is to bringing colour into her life. Her house is habitation to 17,127 pieces ofPokémon collectibles and memorabilia. She set this unique record in 2016, and people don’t dare to challenge her.

Some items from her collection and her Guinness Earth Record certificate are displayed in a museum, only about still have a home side by side to her. Courtney often travels to Nihon for the sole purpose of collecting, and surprisingly nonetheless has some items on her wishlist. The nigh important of these is the Pokémon Eye palatial-size Tyranitar plush, which she’s been after for over 10 years.


Longest Call Of Duty Marathon

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Gameplay Poster

The longest
Call of Duty
marathon was at one point the Guinness World Record holder for the longest video game marathon ever. Information technology now stands at a shut 2nd, but remains the longest marathon in the
franchise. With 135 hours, 15 minutes and 10 seconds under his chugalug, Okan Kaya is the record holder in this category.

Kaya set this earth record 2012 in Australia, playing from November 13th to the 19th. With such an impressive run, it doesn’t look like anyone’south coming for his crown anytime presently.


Longest-Running Storyline In A Video Game Franchise

Tekken Poster

The longest-running cohesive storyline in gaming goes to
Tekken, with over 20 years of games and still counting. Fifty-fifty the director of the game was surprised past this, thinking the laurels would go to an RPG. Instead, this franchise from the early 90s took the prize. While it’s not up to gamers to beat the tape, everyone is eagerly waiting for a developer to shoot for the stars.

Older franchises, like
Tomb Raider and
Doom,were butterfingers because of their reboots.
Tekken, however, has kept an unbroken storyline for over 20 years. Characters accept gotten married, died, been replaced, or engaged in hostile takeovers. The story is mainly told in arcade style through texts over still images, so some players don’t even know the story. Even so, dice-difficult fans dear the ups and downs in the background of this fighting game series.


Largest Video Game Collection

Video Game Collection by stickygreeen024 on Reddit

Every gamer is proud of their drove, as they should be. They’re kept clean, nice and not bad on the shelf, in specific order, and they’re the light of the lives of gamers everywhere. But Antonio Romero Montero has set the bar high for this record in 2020, with 20,139 games in his collection.

This human being tin can truly play anything he wants, equally his habitation in Richmond serves as a Mecca for gamers. His drove is so big that it took him viii days to count them all. It all began when he was twelve years old, and by now he has the complete collection of PS2 and 3 in North America – and many more titles.


Longest Game Marathon Of All Time

Just Dance Poster

The one world record everyone dreams to beat is the longest game marathon of all time. In 2015, Carrie Swidecki took care of that, dethroning the
Call of Duty
record holder and setting the bar higher than ever with 138 hours and 34 seconds in
Merely Dance.

People everywhere were surprised that someone could beat this tape withBut Dance, but Carrie proved them wrong. She held the previous tape in
Simply Dance
and wanted to beat herself while raising for clemency. She played from July 11th to the 17th nonstop, making this not only the most sought later record in gaming, merely arguably the most impressive record yet.

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