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You accept over 20 pricing options available, from yearly subscriptions to lifetime licenses.
This way, you tin invest exactly equally much every bit you need and utilize Slider Revolution to its maximum potential.
Check out the variety of pricing models below and choose your favorite!

Slide Annual Payment Former Payment STARTER $ 29 PER YEAR (Excluding Taxes) 1 Website WordPress Plugin check 200+ Templates check 25+ Addons check Object Library check Instant Updates check Ticket Support

Buy Now

ENTHUSIAST $ 69 PER YEAR (Excluding Taxes) iii Websites WordPress Plugin check 200+ Templates check 25+ Addons check Object Library check Instant Updates cheque Ticket Support

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Professional person $ 239 PER Yr (Excluding Taxes)

5 Websites









WordPress Plugin check 200+ Templates check 25+ Addons check Object Library check Instant Updates check Ticket Support

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We are using the secure and widespread payment processor Paddle
Slide Annual Payment One-Time Payment STARTER $ 59 1-Fourth dimension (Excluding Taxes) 1 Website WordPress Plugin check 200+ Templates cheque 25+ Addons check Object Library check Instant Updates bank check Ticket Support half dozen Months

Purchase Now

ENTHUSIAST $ 159 Quondam (Excluding Taxes) 3 Websites WordPress Plugin check 200+ Templates check 25+ Addons cheque Object Library bank check Instant Updates bank check Ticket Support half-dozen Months

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PROFESSIONAL $ 479 ONE-Time (Excluding Taxes)

5 Websites









WordPress Plugin check 200+ Templates bank check 25+ Addons cheque Object Library check Instant Updates check Ticket Support half dozen Months

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Most at that place!
We’re excited you’re taking your websites to the adjacent level with Slider Revolution.

Just a few more steps and you tin can access Slider Revolution’s premium features on up to websites.

  • License Keys

    ?Each cardinal can be used to unlock all Slider Revolution premium features on one website.

  • Core Plugin

    ?The Slider Revolution WordPress plugin is prepare to be downloaded from your personal dashboard.

  • 200+ Template Library

    ?Admission our growing library of Slider Revolution templates that will accident your clients minds!

  • 25+ Addons

    ?Inlcudes all Slider Revolution addons for optional features and incredible special effects.

  • Object Library

    ?Use thousands of images, videos, icons and layer presets in your Slider Revolution projects.

  • All Updates Included

    ?Become 1-click, instant updates to the latest Slider Revolution versions.

  • Admission To Ticket Back up

    ?Receive 1-on-1 technical Slider Revolution help from our highly qualified support team.

  • Admission To Ticket Back up

    half dozen MonthsReceive i-on-1 technical Slider Revolution aid from our highly qualified back up squad. 6 months of support are included with our one-time payment licenses.

Core Plugin

The Slider Revolution editor suite with all core capabilities

250+ Templates

Admission to our growing library of professional, ready-to-go templates

25+ Addons

Special furnishings and extra functionality that can be activated on need

Object Library

A useful choice of stock photography, videos, icons and SVGs

Instant Updates

The latest version always available with 1 click installation

Ticket Support

1on1 ticket support by highly trained professionals

See our reviews on

Slide Easy to use for non technical people I have been using Slider Revolution for several years on my website. I don’t have any formal training in building websites and I establish SR easy to employ. I simply use some of the basic functionality, only all in all, I think information technology looks great. Jeanette Beninati Amazing plugin and fantabulous back up I had a problem with videos non loading in a modal window, Albert was very thorough in identifying the outcome and coming upwardly with a set for us.
Support team are fantabulous and patient, perfect solution.
Thanks over again…
Andy Brandon
Slide Design much more and much better I’ve actually been working with Slider Revolution on and off for several years now, simply have never used it as a Pro version, simply costless. Notwithstanding, now that I have installed the slider as a Pro version and built it into the header area of the page, I am able to non only easily change and customize each slide, just also blueprint much more and much better on elevation of that. Ronny Schlichter Slider Revolution has been an crawly addition to my blueprint arsenal I’ve enjoyed Slider Revolution. It allowed me to have my design capabilities to a greater level, and then I’m across satisfied and my client is as well. Tim Williams Slide Stan is the problem solver #1 🙂 I ran into a trouble on my WordPress site and couldn’t detect what was the problem with Slider Revolution. I contacted the support and Stan, the angel, replied real fast and before I blinked the problem was solved. I must say, the support is fast and Stan know what to do to solve the issue I ran into. Much appreciated! Katarina M Slider Revolution is G.O.A.T The product itself and client support from Slider Revolution are out of this world, ten stars!!! Mike Montana Slide Great furnishings and a lot of inspiration I oft employ Slider Revolution for customer projects where I want to achieve special optical effects that I could not attain with any other program I know or only with a lot of programming effort. The many templates keep bringing me new ideas. Gerhard Jager v+ stars Stan’s courteous and thoughtful response pleasantly surprised me. Fabled service. Timely as well. Actually lovely! Marva Jackson Lord

I received Slider Revolution arranged with a WordPress theme. Can I still upgrade to access Premium features?

Yes! If you want to access all Premium features like the template library, addons, object library, updates and customer support, you can opt-in to i of our Licensing plans.

What payment methods can I apply?

Nosotros are using the secure and widespread payment processor Paddle. We currently support credit cards, PayPal and Apple Pay.

The support for my lifetime license ran out.
How can I receive customer back up?

In social club to receive access to our Ticket support, you lot can buy a one license subscription.

This will grant you access for one year or until you abolish the subscription and it expires.

Every bit long as you have at to the lowest degree one active subscription in your account, you will be eligible for our Ticket support.

You tin can also consult our constantly updated Help middle which volition provide quick answers to near any issue.

What is the “One-Time Payment” license?

Our “I-Time Payment” license, is essentially a discounted version of the CodeCanyon regular license.

Similar to the CodeCanyon license, with our “Sometime Payment” license, you pay one time and get access to all Slider Revolution Premium features and half-dozen months of ticket support.

Can I use Slider Revolution for commercial projects?

Yes. Slider Revolution, including all templates and assets, can exist used in your commercial projects.
Please accept a look at our Terms & Weather for more than information.

Learn more about Slider Revolution in our Assistance Center.

I purchased a license. How do I get started with Slider Revolution?

Our powerful Help center offers all kinds of resource to answer any question you might take about Slider Revolution:
The make new manual, FAQs, video tutorials, definitions, version history, and support ticket center will make certain you are not feeling stranded at any point.

For beginners, we recommend starting with the Quick Setup role of our manual.

What happens if my subscription runs out?

If you cancel your subscription and information technology runs out, you will lose access to the Slider Revolution premium features like the template library, addons, object library, plugin updates, and customer support.
Renewing the subscription for this item domain volition permit you regain access to all the features.

What is the deviation betwixt the license sold on Codecanyon and here?

The erstwhile Codecanyon license model offers access to most features at a stock-still price, except for customer support which needs to exist renewed every 6 months.

With the new subscription license model, we fabricated sure to find a fair yearly price point, with Everything included.

For more than information on licensing, delight accept a look at our Licensing terms.

Check out the next question to see the “I-Time Payment” license being explained.

What is the do good of importing a CodeCanyon license?

You are able to manage all licenses comfortably through our dashboard.

Additionally, later on Importing licenses purchased on CodeCanyon, you lot will receive a one-time utilise  special offer:

Y’all can purchase any subscription programme or a one-time payment license with a 20% discount in the first year.

I want to include Slider Revolution in my theme. Which license practise I need?

Bundling Slider Revolution with a theme/template can exist done with an extended license.
One extended license is requiredper theme /template, you want to include Slider Revolution in.

Please read more than on our Licensing page.


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