How To Buy Elongate Trust Wallet

How to Buy/Sell ElonGate on Trust Wallet?

The crypto globe is a dynamic world with revolutions coming 1 afterward some other in the past few years. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all other major cryptos take been gaining traction and seeing a boost in the prices by manifolds.

New cryptocurrencies are developed and launched almost every other day. All the crypto developers are in the race to create the same awareness and success as the original Bitcoin.

Many newly developed crypto endeavor to solve a problem or serve a purpose. While others are created as a joke, like Dogecoin.

New meme crypto was created recently in 2021, which goes by the proper name ElonGate and it has been gaining a lot of attention.

What is ElonGate?

ElonGate is new crypto that started as a joke. But that hasn’t stopped crypto enthusiasts from speculating its future. Information technology all started with an erstwhile tweet by Elon Musk, which went similar – “If there’south e’er a scandal about me, *delight* call it Elongate.

A fan wasted no time to set up the Elongate website just a few hours after the tweet was made. And, the Crypto started developing from that.

The ElonGate crypto is frictionless, high-yield deflationary coin. It is made on the Binance Smart Chain. The money was made as a joke, but information technology developed from there and became popular on the Internet among Elon Musk’south fans. Whenever Elon Musk tweets, particularly about cryptocurrencies, the prices of ElonGate beginning ascent.

The ElonGate website also mentions that a major portion of the 10% tax charges on transactions goes to charity. It is a deflationary coin which implies that no new coins can be mined in one case the limit is reached. Therefore, if the coin gains popularity, its prices volition shoot up.

How to Buy ElonGate Crypto on Trust Wallet?

Steps to buying ElonGate on Trust Wallet:

Step 1:
Install Trust Wallet on your device. Launch the app and create your wallet.

Footstep 2:
Add BNB smart chain tokens to your Trust Wallet. You lot tin can either buy it or if you’ve BUSD, you tin transfer it to Trust Wallet & catechumen information technology to BNB.

Step three:
Enable DApps on Trust Wallet past going to
Settings → preferences → Dapp Browser → Enable.

Footstep 4:
Open up DApps on Trust Wallet and discover PancakeSwap under exchanges.

Step 5:
Connect your Trust Wallet with the PancakeSwap DEX. You’ll so see the BNB balance nether the bandy and exchange selection.

Stride 6:
You’ll discover an Commutation option for token trade in an instant. Information technology’ll accept two blocks with your BNB balance in one. The 2d volition have a drop-down selection to select crypto. Select the drop-downwards option and paste the ElonGate contract address here.

Step 7:
Yous’ll see the ElonGate option. Tap on information technology to select.

Step 8:
Now enter the amount of BNB you wish to spend to buy ElonGate. Or enter the number of ElonGate coins you wish to purchase.

Step ix:
Click on the “Swap” button.

Upon a successful transaction, your purchased ElonGate coins will be reflected in your wallet.

Continue the number of coins low for the selected BNB to escape from transaction failure.

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How to Sell ElonGate Crypto on Trust Wallet?

The procedure of selling ElonGate on Trust Wallet follows the same steps every bit it was for buying, except the swap here is interchanged.

Steps to Sell ElonGate on Trust Wallet:

Step 1:
Open up Trust Wallet.

Footstep 2:
Go to PancakeSwap DEX and connect it with your wallet, following the same steps.

Pace 3:
Under the exchange option for token merchandise, select ElonGate in the first block using the contract address. Select BNB in the 2d one from the drib-down bill of fare. Or you can select everything as when you lot were buying and click on the interchange arrow in the middle of the two blocks.

Step iv:
Enter the number of ElonGate tokens you wish to sell and confirm the transaction.

Upon successful transaction, the ElonGate will be deducted from your wallet.


The ElonGate crypto started as a joke but has been among the about popular cryptos since its creation. The joke served as the foundation for its growth in the time to come.

ElonGate is a coin with immense potential for even more growth in the future. Merely since the coin has not gained plenty popularity to become a place on the major crypto commutation platforms, you can only trade it.

And so, Trust Wallet is a good application that tin can be used to access DApps for DEX and swap BNB for ElonGate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do when the transaction fails?

If the transaction fails, then repeat the procedure and reduce the number of selected BNB tokens by 1 or 2 coins.

Where can I buy ElonGate?

Information technology is not withal available on the big commutation platforms similar Coinbase and Binance. But, in that location are other methods to buy ElonGate. Yous need to but buy BNB tokens and trade them for ElonGate on DEX similar PancakeSwap.

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