How To Buy Stormx In Us

Want to spring direct to the answer? Y’all can buy StormX on Pionex and Binance.

With the advancement and flexibility of blockchain technology comes possibility. You tin earn a few crypto coins by playing video games, watching videos, testing new products and services — or even shopping — online.

StormX App is a gamified reward-for-micro-task platform that offers a token (StormX) that can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies. Players are rewarded with the tokens after they complete micro v minute tasks or store at global partner stores.

Want to learn more than virtually StormX? Start with our guide and learn how to buy StormX at present.

  • What is StormX?
  • Brief History of StormX
  • How to Buy StormX
  • Best Crypto Exchanges
  • Best Crypto Wallets
  • Trade or Sell Your Cryptocurrency
  • Electric current Crypto Prices
  • Is StormX a Good Investment?

What is StormX?

StormX (ERC-twenty) is a token that allows users to exchange it for other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. A token dissimilar a coin cannot be mined and it does not have an contained blockchain but rather relies on the blockchain of some other.

Players earn cashbacks that tin be exchanged for crypto coins like Bitcoin and altcoins like Ethereum. An altcoin is simply any digital coin that is not Bitcoin.

Cursory History of StormX

StormX was created in 2014 from what was formerly known every bit the BitMaker App. BitMaker allowed users to send coin without whatsoever transaction fees.

CEO Simon Yu and co-founder Calvish Hsiehe leveraged the uniqueness of the BitMaker App to create a platform that incorporates some of its elements while adding of import new features like BitTask.

BitTask allows users to try out new products in substitution for Ethereum or Bitcoin. This new feature is currently found in the StormX app.

The app has become popular due to its efficiency and global accessibility. It boasts near one.5 million Android users who have earned cryptocurrency by playing video games.

If you lot hope to purchase your beginning StormX token soon, start with our step-past-step guide.

How to Buy StormX

  1. Open up an online business relationship.

    You can open an account on the StormX app and buy tokens with the MoonPay widget if your land is on the list of supported countries. It is likely easier to use a cryptocurrency exchange to purchase information technology straight, however. Some of the best that offering StormX are Pionex and Binance. Another mode is to start buy Bitcoin, Tether, or Ethereum from popular brokers supported in your country then trade information technology for StormX.

    To open up an account with a broker, y’all need to consummate the signup process and verify your email address. After verifying your account, y’all can purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum with your preferred currency.

  2. Buy a wallet (optional).

    You lot can cull to skip buying a wallet since almost exchanges come with their wallet to store coins after purchase, but these wallets provided by exchanges give you limited control over your digital assets and are all-time used temporarily.

    One of the best ways to store your coins is with a hardware wallet. A hardware wallet is a cold wallet, meaning it is offline. It’s considered one of the safest wallets because information technology does not store your data online or with a 3rd party.

  3. Make your purchase.

    Afterwards purchasing Bitcoin or Ethereum, you can then exchange for StormX. However, if your banker does not support altcoins, you can then transfer them to an altcoin-friendly exchange.

    Binance, Upbit and Bittrex are some exchanges where you lot can trade the token.

    In that location are 2 ways to purchase StormX: a limit order and a market place buy.

    A marketplace purchase order
    is like shooting fish in a barrel and direct to the point. When you place a market purchase order, you buy at the current market price at the time of the transaction. For example, the current toll for StormX is $0.01004, and I want to buy instantly so I go alee to place an club.

    A limit buy order
    allows you lot to specify the price at which you desire to make the purchase, and the guild only goes through when that price is reached.

    Yous can place a limit purchase order if, for case, the toll of StormX is $ 0.02 but you lot want to purchase information technology for $0.002. Then y’all can go alee and place a limit gild for that corporeality. The limit order volition only exist executed when the price gets to $0.002.

    Another example of a limit order tin can exist seen in say a BTC/USD pair. If BTC/USD is $10,000 and you want to purchase when the toll dips to $ix,500, you can place a limit buy order for a limit price of EUR 9,500. This means y’all volition only execute at the price of $ix,500.

    Yous can cull to buy the tokens instantly using the market gild or wait for it to reach the price you desire. Either fashion is expert. Information technology all depends on preference and your mastery of your strategy.

Best Crypto Exchanges

  • Pionex Crypto App

    All-time For

    Loftier-volume Investors

    securely through Pionex Crypto App’due south website

  • Binance NON US

    securely through Binance Non US’due south website

  • FTX Exchange Non US

    All-time For

    Market-leading Liquidity

    deeply through FTX Exchange Non US’southward website

Best Crypto Wallets

Hither are the all-time software and hardware wallets for StormX.

Ledger Hardware Wallet

securely through Ledger Hardware Wallet’south website

Best Hardware Wallet

Among the best hardware wallets is the Ledger Nano South. The Ledger Nano S is pop with many crypto enthusiasts because information technology supports a large number of altcoins and tokens.

Even so, if y’all desire on-the-go and online admission to your coins, and then a software wallet might do the trick. Keep in mind, they aren’t regarded equally the best manner for beginners to shop coins because they are online and prone to fraudulent attacks.

Best Software Wallets

Trust Wallet and Binance online wallets are two of the most widely used wallets  for storing StormX tokens. Trust wallet supports some of the all-time cryptocurrencies, including tokens like StormX. Binance online wallet is also another viable option for your digital assets

Trade or Sell Your Cryptocurrency

Trading digital coins and tokens are gaining popularity daily, and while Bitcoin is believed to be a smashing investment, altcoins like Ethereum, Dodge and Litecoin are becoming more than mainstream.

Simply similar other cryptocurrencies, y’all tin sell as well as trade your tokens. While selling and trading might be used interchangeably there are quite a few differences between them.

Trading crypto is buying and selling crypto while betting on price movement. While selling is only exchanging your crypto for money (fiat). Yous can either trade using a market order or a limit buy order.


Case of a market order trade:

If 1 Ripple (XRP) is currently $i, only I speculate that by tomorrow it will increase to $two. I will then identify a marketplace gild for 10 units of Ripple. The social club volition be carried out instantly, and I volition exist charged $10 plus charges. If by tomorrow the price of Ripple increases to $ii or more, information technology then ways that I’ll brand a profit of at least $x.

Current Crypto Prices

If y’all are planning to buy or sell crypto or tokens, accept a await at the current market rates.

Is StormX a Good Investment?

StormX App currently has over 75,000 monthly agile users and footprints in Europe, the United States and Asia, and it plans to increment its reach fifty-fifty more.

StormX presents an opportunity for everyday people to earn coins from doing what they already dear to do — shopping, video gaming and more than. All these unique features could brand StormX a skilful opportunity, but it is always necessary to do your research before you invest.


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