How To Buy Topps Nft Baseball Cards

Topps NFT baseball cards let you collect digital cards for the peak baseball players of all time. In this guide, we’ll show you how to buy Topps NFTs with a step by stride tutorial.

If y’all like baseball only don’t understand how NFTs piece of work, and so this guide is for you.

We’ll go over:

  • What are Topps NFTs?
  • Benefits of NFTs over other digital card pictures
  • Requirements to buy NFT baseball cards
  • How to buy Topps NFTs (pace by step)

If nosotros’ve missed anything, or y’all have more questions, comment downwardly at the bottom of this guide.

What are Topps NFTs?

Topps is an American visitor that is most commonly known as the leading producer of all sports related trading cards. They have recently entered the NFT globe, in which they allow yous purchase NFT trading cards that are created on a blockchain.

These baseball game NFTs are most normally created on the Ethereum blockchain. You then concord the deeds to these digital trading cards in hope that they appreciate in value. You lot tin can also trade these cards with others or sell them direct for a profit.

topps nft baseball cards home page

How exercise NFTs work?

NFT stands for non-fungible token. NFTs are usually some sort of artwork or digital image but can also be collectible items, digital items used in video games, real estate and more.

Some perks of NFTs over traditional assets are that:

  1. they are created on a blockchain and are not able to be fraudulently replicated
  2. in some cases, simply a certain number of NFTs are created for a unmarried item
  3. the price of an NFT could appreciate due to the rarity of the item. Y’all tin and so sell these if the price goes up from what you lot initially paid

NFTs can exist purchased directly from a seller, or you lot tin can purchase and trade on popular NFT marketplaces. You can besides mint your ain NFTs in a agglomeration of unlike means.

Benefits of NFTs


With NFTs, you lot are now able to create digital images and adhere evidence of creation right abroad. This allows you authenticate the NFT right away without jumping through hoops. All NFT transactions are as well traceable which confirms proof of the value along with confirming the rarity of the item.


NFTs are able to be purchased and stored digitally in a very secure and transparent style. NFTs are stored on the blockchain, simply still must be washed so properly. The style blockchains piece of work is anyone can encounter transactions that are completed which takes away any chance of fraudulent action.


The world is moving more and more than online. With NFTs, you can now but view your collection anywhere online through whichever wallet you are holding the NFTs. Others tin can besides view collections of NFTs online without having to leave the house.

topps nft baseball card examples

Requirements to Buy Topps NFT Baseball Cards

Buying Topps NFT baseball cards is very simple. You need the following:

  1. A link to the Topps MLB website.
  2. A WAX Cloud Wallet
  3. An Atomic Hub or NFTHive account if y’all desire to buy individual NFTs

Once y’all sign up for a Topps account on the official website, it volition walk y’all through the steps to setup or login to your WAX Cloud Wallet. Your wallet is where yous store whatsoever NFT baseball game cards you buy or trade for.

WAX Overview

WAX is one of the most popular decentralized blockchains. It was designed to brand due east-commerce transactions faster, simpler and safer for all parties involved.

They accept safely facilitated the trade of more than 100 million digital items. WAX is hyper-focused on video games and virtual collectibles and this is the primary reason that Topps chose to partner with them for NFT baseball game cards.

Anyone can too see the details of the NFTs information and trading history. This ways you don’t have to blindly trust another seller. Using WAX, on each baseball NFT you tin run into the date it was created, how rare it is, proof of authenticity and more than.

What is WAX Wallet?

The WAX Cloud Wallet is where you store all of your Topps NFT baseball cards that you purchase or merchandise for. Once you take your WAX Deject Wallet ready upward, there are a few dissimilar ways that y’all can fund information technology in order to make purchases:

  • Purchase WAX directly using your credit bill of fare
  • Buying WAX on a cryptocurrency commutation and sending it to your Wallet
  • Sending WAX from another WAX business relationship

WAX Wallet is very piece of cake to setup and go started with and just takes a few minutes.

WAX Wallet Dashboard

How to Officially Buy Topps NFT Baseball Cards

Total series card packs can be purchased from the official Topps website, simply simply on the official drib date. Topps initially appear the MLB Serial 1 Topps NFT packs. These packs released back on April twentythursday, 2021 and sold out in a span of 96 minutes.

Series 2 Topps NFT packs were released on Oct 4thursday, 2021 and also sold out within minutes with more than 22,000 unique buyers during the auction.

For up to appointment data on Topps NFTs, we would highly recommend that y’all follow them on Twitter @ToppsNFTs and put notifications on and then y’all don’t miss the release date of the next series! You can also join the Topps NFTs Discord aqueduct for up to date news and data.

When the side by side launch drops, you should make sure that y’all have your WAX wallet and Topps account setup and ready to go. Y’all will want to move fast, as the serial will sell out quickly.

topps baseball card packs
Topps baseball cards serial i sold out immediately.

To buy individual MLB Topps NFTs, y’all must visit a tertiary-party Marketplace such equally Atomic Hub or NFTHive. We have step by step guide instructions on how to apply these marketplaces below.

Best Topps NFT Marketplaces

In this section, nosotros get over the top Topps marketplaces for NFT baseball cards:

  1. Atomic Hub
  2. NFTHive

Like all NFTs, in that location are multiple unlike third-party marketplaces you lot can utilize in gild to purchase Topps NFT baseball cards. On each of these marketplaces, y’all can list your Topps NFT cards for auction or merchandise.

For trades, you list your wallet accost in the description of the card. Others can then send you merchandise offers to your wallet address where you can then take or decline.

Atomic Hub

Atomic Hub is the official market place that is linked direct with Unlike the official website, yous tin can browse and purchase individual baseball game cards on Atomic Hub. You can search the market place, filter for the type of card you want, and buy what y’all want.

To buy a card on Atomic Hub:

  1. Once on the website, click
    in the peak right in social club to log into your preferred wallet. WAX Cloud Wallet will work the all-time for Topps NFT cards.
  2. Click
    Market place
    in the top bar
  3. Over on the left hand side, scroll down in
    until yous find
  4. Click
    and information technology will take you into the Topps NFT market place
  5. Here is where you lot tin filter whatever y’all want or else search directly for specific cards
  6. Click into
    of each card to see Rarity, photos, trade offer ID and price
  7. If you notice a bill of fare you wish to purchase, pay the required WAX amount and you will then be able to add the menu directly into your wallet collection
atomic hub nft marketplace for mlb topps


NFTHive is another popular WAX Marketplace where yous tin purchase Topps NFT baseball cards. Just similar Atomic Hub, you tin can purchase individual cards on NFTHive equally well.

To purchase an NFT baseball carte on NFTHive:

  1. In one case on the NFTHive website, click
    on the left side
  2. Once inside the Marketplace, scroll downwards and find
    on the left side
  3. Scroll down in the
    tab until you find
    MLB Topps
    and click that
  4. You volition at present be in the Topps NFT marketplace where y’all can filter and search for specific cards
  5. Click into the bill of fare of your choice to notice all of the details such as Rarity, Number of Assets, possessor and more
  6. Scrolling downwardly will also show you the well-nigh recent
    Price History
    of that specific carte
nfthive nft marketplace for mlb topps

The official Topps baseball bill of fare packs are extremely high demand. Then for almost people, the marketplaces are the only identify to get NFT baseball cards.

How to Trade Topps NFT Baseball game Cards with Others

If you accept your hands on any Topps NFTs, trading them to others and exchanging cards is adequately easy and can be washed on Diminutive Hub.

  1. Log in to Atomic Hub by clicking
    and linking with your WAX Cloud Wallet
  2. Admission your Inventory to run across your available cards
  3. Access the
    and find the bill of fare that you are interested in
  4. Clicking into details of the card will bear witness the seller of the carte du jour and correct underneath is the
    Merchandise Offer ID
  5. Click into this and it will bring up a new screen showing the card you are interested in trading for
  6. Here is where yous then cull a card from your existing Inventory to trade
  7. Write a bulletin to the other person and transport the Trade Offer and wait to here
  8. If accepted, you will now own the new bill of fare in your Inventory and the card you lot traded away volition be gone

Topps NFT Baseball game cards give us a whole other way of trading baseball cards without physically trading them.

Let u.s.a. know below if you lot have purchased any Topps NFT Baseball cards! Also comment down below if you have any questions.


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