How To Create My Own Nft

And so what the heck is an NFT anyway? An NFT is a
non-fungible token. This means that information technology’southward unique and tin not be replaced. It’southward the opposite of something like Bitcoin which is fungible, significant you can merchandise one Bitcoin for some other with no issue. NFTs are office of the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum, like Bitcoin, is a cryptocurrency and Ethereum’due south blockchain supports NFTs. Information technology’southward a digital asset that represents an bodily object like art or music.

An image of the Power Puff Girls dressed as Westworld characters by Liz Wisdom

The Process of Creating an NFT

To empathize the process of creating an NFT, your daughter decided to get her hands muddied and endeavor it herself. You tin can bank check information technology out here on Rarible by the way. For my first NFT, I used some onetime parody artwork of the Powerpuff Girls as Westworld characters that I created in Adobe Illustrator a few years ago. Below, I have outlined the step by stride process from my feel.

Pace 1 – Create Something

The get-go step in the process of making an NFT, is to have something to make into an NFT. This tin exist digital art, a meme, songs or an entire album! One time yous have your fine art, you are already on your way to creating an NFT.

Step ii – Set Up an Ethereum Wallet

Next, y’all’ll need to set a digital wallet where you’ll deeply store your cryptocurrency. Since I’thousand new to the world of cryptocurrency, I used the highly recommended Coinbase Wallet. It was very easy to set up. I just downloaded it to my telephone and followed the instructions. Here are a few well-known wallets to consider: Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask, AlphaWallet, and Rainbow.

Step 3 – Buy Some Ethereum

Now that you have your wallet, you’ll accept to purchase some
Ethereum(ETH). This is important because in that location are some fees that are associated with the cosmos of an NFT, which I’ll cover more in the following steps.
is the cryptocurrency you’ll exist using for
NFTs. An NFT can merely accept one official owner at a fourth dimension and they are secured past the ETH blockchain. This ways no one can alter the record of buying or copy/paste a new NFT into existence.

Step 4 – Connect Your Wallet to an NFT Market place

At this point, you should accept your wallet fix up with some
in it. Now you’re ready to connect your wallet to an NFT market place. There are quite a few marketplaces to choose from. Here are a few of the almost pop according to Google: Rarible, OpenSea, SuperRare, and Foundation.

  • As I mentioned to a higher place, I used Rarible to list my first NFT. All I had to practise to connect my wallet was go to the website then click the “Connect Wallet” push in the elevation right-hand corner.
  • Next, choose the wallet provider that you chose in Step 2.
  • At this stage, a QR code will appear on your screen. You lot’re going to scan the QR code with your wallet app and ostend your Rarible connectedness.

Step 5 – Mint Your Artwork

The last step to listing your artwork for sale is to mint it. During the minting process, you will specify a cost, proper noun, clarification, royalties, and basically any other info associated with your NFT. Once you click create, your wallet will enquire you to sign and pay for gas fees.

NFT Gas Fees

Recall when I mentioned back in step 3 that there are fees associated with the creation of an NFT? That’s what Gas prices are. Information technology’s a gas fee for that energy that goes into having the miners process your transaction. Think of it the aforementioned way as minting a coin. Your NFT is a token that gets minted. I recommend using the NFT Gas Station to get a rough thought of gas prices. Exist prepared for a little sticker daze! Tip: Bank check at dissimilar times of the day for the best pricing.

You Did It!

If you followed all the higher up steps and have made information technology here, then congratulations! You have but created your first NFT. Be proud of yourself. Now yous know what it takes to plow your art into a
not-fungible token.

Are yous ready to learn the skills it takes to make digital art so yous can create your own NFT? Before yous can put something up for sale, it is e’er good to understand the fundamental basics that become into creating your artwork. The team at Pattern Engine has your back. Learn how to create digital art with our Adobe Illustrator form, experiment with photography in our Adobe Photoshop class, or create 3D artwork with our Maya class.


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