How To Get Bitcoin From Robinhood To Wallet

How to Transfer Crypto from Robinhood

Posted by in Crypto | Updated on November 15, 2022

At a Glance:
Members of the Robinhood app can at present become a crypto wallet. The new Robinhood Crypto wallet makes asset transfers very easy, and you can send and receive funds from 1 wallet to some other.

At a Glance:
To transfer crypto out of Robinhood, y’all must sign upwardly for Robinhood Crypto past verifying your identity and setting up two-cistron authentication. Adjacent, go to the crypto’s detail folio, hit Send, type in the corporeality y’all desire to send, paste/blazon in the wallet you want to send it to, then hit Review and Submit.

Robinhood is used by a lot of people to trade cryptocurrency, equally it is one of the almost popular brokerages in the world.

Simply not everyone wants to focus solely on Robinhood, as some decide to transfer their crypto across multiple platforms or they want to transfer their funds and then they tin stop using Robinhood altogether.

If you are in this position, you lot may not know how to transfer crypto from Robinhood. You’ve come up to the correct place considering this article will tell you exactly what to practise.

Can You Transfer Crypto from Robinhood?

Many people decide to transfer their cryptocurrency from Robinhood to another crypto exchange. Unremarkably, it is to avoid the restrictions placed by Robinhood on crypto.

Previously, Robinhood users were unable to send or receive crypto with their Robinhood accounts. This recently changed, yet, and
users can both send and receive crypto to/from their accounts.

Note that you will have to set upwards ii-factor authentication and verify your identity (with a regime-issued photo ID or alive photo of yourself) in order to transfer crypto with Robinhood.


Transferring Crypto from Robinhood

Members can at present become a crypto wallet on Robinhood, and for this, they must sign up in the app.

The new crypto wallet—named Robinhood Crypto—makes asset transfers very easy, and you will accept the chance to get the funds in your other business relationship without issues. All you have to do is blazon in the address of the wallet you want to send your cryptocurrency to.

Of course, you have to make sure you take an business relationship opened with the other wallet get-go, whether it’s Coinbase or a dissimilar i. If you accept the account, you volition have to open the other app and deposit your cryptocurrency with the address you take listed in your business relationship.

If yous practice not use the crypto wallet that Robinhood offers, you will be asked to liquidate your assets, and but so purchase them once again with the other app.

Setting Up Robinhood Crypto

If you haven’t yet signed up for Robinhood Crypto, here are the steps to follow to do it:

  1. Go to the cryptocurrencies of the master page in the Robinhood app and click on one.
  2. Scroll downwards past the chart and look for the
  3. Click through the information presented until you go to the
    Get started
    folio and click the button.
  4. Click the
    I acknowledge
    button after reading the message about protecting your crypto.
  5. Follow the instructions to verify your identity. You tin utilize a passport, driver’due south license, or other authorities-issued photo ID.
  6. Follow the instructions to ready up two-factor authentication by verifying your phone number, email, and setting up an authenticator app.

Selling Robinhood Avails

Selling the cryptocurrency yous want to transfer is the commencement thing y’all will have to do considering you cannot make a straight transfer. You tin either sell your crypto amounts fully or partially. So, you will have to take the following steps depending on whether yous are using the web version or mobile version of Robinhood.

Spider web

  1. Go to Robinhood and await for the cryptocurrency you want to sell. And so, get to the details page of that item cryptocurrency.
  2. Cheque out the options window and click Sell.
  3. Enter the crypto dollar corporeality that you wish to sell.
  4. Review the information first to ensure that everything is correct.
  5. Submit the sell order.


  1. Open your app and look for the particular cryptocurrency yous want to sell. Then, click Trade.
  2. Tap on Sell.
  3. Enter the crypto dollar corporeality that you lot wish to sell.
  4. Now, click on Review. This volition permit you check out the information to make sure it’due south correct.
  5. Swipe upward in society to submit your asking.

Later performing the withdrawal, there will be a prepare period for the trade yous made, equally well as two extra trading days before you lot will have the funds set up for withdrawal. During that time, you lot won’t be able to move the amount out of your Robinhood account.

Transferring Funds to a Banking concern Account

At present, it is time to transfer all of your coin into the bank account that y’all linked to your Robinhood account. In gild to do and so, you will take to follow certain steps depending on whether you are transferring from web or mobile:


  1. Expect in the upper correct-hand corner and click Account.
  2. Now, tap Banking.
  3. There is a panel on the correct side that you should use in gild to start the bank transfer from Robinhood.


  1. Look in the bottom right corner of your screen and tap on your Account.
  2. Then, click Transfers and from at that place, pick Transfer to Your Bank.
  3. Now, pick the depository financial institution account that you want to transfer to.
  4. Enter the amount that you desire to transfer.
  5. Click Submit when you are washed reviewing whether the data is correct.

Transferring Funds to a New Bank Account

If y’all desire to transfer to a new account, you lot may desire to know that the transfer process may take longer. When you take a new account, the transfer process will be extended as the account is being verified. It is important to exist enlightened of this so y’all aren’t surprised when you notice the timeline change. Besides, the steps you accept to take to initiate the transfer will depend on the size of your bank.

If you are planning to transfer funds to a bank account that is not the one you had connected to your Robinhood business relationship originally, here are the steps you have to take:

  1. Look in the lesser right corner of your screen and tap your Account.
  2. After that, click on Transfers.
  3. Then, tap on Linked Accounts.
  4. Click on Add New Business relationship.
  5. From here, you tin and then option the depository financial institution y’all want to transfer to from the provided list. Y’all will as well have the option to search for the bank.
  6. Enter the account login information.
  7. Pick the account that you wish to link to Robinhood.

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The Bottom Line

So, you might exist relieved to notice out that there is a way to transfer crypto from Robinhood. This fashion, you tin use or shop your funds on a different account. Although Robinhood makes things harder due to all of its restrictions, you can successfully transfer your desired amounts past following the right steps.

Before yous effort to make a transfer, brand sure you have a bank business relationship gear up to prevent waiting an even longer time for the process to be over. Follow the right steps depending on what Robinhood platform you utilize, and you lot will have a successful transfer.

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