How To Transfer Fund To now offers a nil-fee* and localized way for Canadian residents to top up their CAD wallets via due east-transfer through their bank accounts.

*Please notation that charges no fee for CAD deposits but your depository financial institution might apply a processing fee.

Note: Requires App Version 3.84 iOS/Android or later

How to set up my CAD wallet?

  1. Go to “Fiat Wallet” from Super App Menu Button

  2. Tap on the “+ Set Up New Currency” button

  3. Setup CAD

  4. Enter your residential address, source of funds, and occupation*

*You may exist requested to upload a proof of address

How to deposit CAD?

Upon successful setup of the CAD wallet, you volition see an data page with all the details necessary to transfer CAD from your bank account. This data can be also accessed via the “Deposit CAD” button in your CAD Fiat Wallet.

  1. Use the electronic mail provided to transfer direct through your depository financial institution

  2. Enter your identification number (located in the deposit screen) in the bulletin/ description field for us to identify your deposit.


3. We will notify you lot once your bank transfer has been successfully deposited

  • Requires App Version 3.84 iOS/Android or subsequently

  • But CAD transfers from bank accounts bearing the aforementioned name every bit you used to register App will be accepted

  • Nosotros currently only accept transfers from banks that back up Autodeposit, refer to the list below. Non-Autodeposits will not be processed and refunds volition take upward to xxx days to appear in your bank account.

What if I forgot to enter the Identification Number?

If yous forgot to enter the Identification Number in the message field when making the deposit, merely navigate to the Blueish Box of the Deposit page and tap ‘Enter hither’

1. Enter the eight digit alphanumeric reference number which begins with CA (non the same equally the Identification Number) that y’all received via email or banking company warning

2. We will notify you once your banking company transfer has been successfully deposited

How to locate my reference number for CAD deposits?

After completing the deposit from your sending bank, you should receive either:

1. An email in your inbox (to the email address registered with your sending bank) that contains your 8 digit alphanumeric reference number(it is example sensitive).

Email sample below:

It may take up to 30 minutes to receive this email from your bank. Please as well check your spam folder.


2. A message/notification in your sending bank’s message center in your online banking account (if you lot have turned off email notifications from your sending banking company) that contains your 8 digit alphanumeric reference number(information technology is case sensitive).

If yous are unable to locate your reference number, delight contact us via live chat or
[e-mail protected]. Nosotros will exist able to assist recover your reference number.


You only need to enter the Reference Number if you lot forgot to include the Identification Number in the message field when making your deposit.

What are the deposit limits?

Max. Rest for Fiat Wallet is: CAD$100,000

Min. deposit per transaction: CAD$20

**All in $CAD


At that place are a few things to recall when making a bank transfer to your App:

  1. Your Named Account: Nosotros can but accept transfers from bank accounts opened under your own name. 3rd party transfers (e.grand. payments from your customers, salary transferred by your employer, etc.) will non exist accustomed. Specifically, we volition not accept transfers from crypto exchanges (e.m. Kraken, Bittrex, etc.).

  2. Processing Time: It will take upward to i business twenty-four hour period to process your eolith.

    If you don’t see the funds in your app past that time, please electronic mail our support at
    [e-mail protected]
    or utilize the in-app/website conversation (you tin can find it in the Settings department).

  3. Common Issues: The most common reasons for your transfer being on hold are:

  • the name of your bank account does non fully match your name on our record

  • you lot sent the funds from a joint business relationship

  • your transfer was not made from a banking company, but a payments processing company

  • your transfer was non a CAD transfer or came from an unsupported establishment (e.m. a crypto exchange)

  • You lot did not enter a right identification number or reference number

  • Nosotros currently but accept transfers from banks that support Autodeposit, refer to the list below. Not-Autodeposits won’t exist processed and refunds volition take up to 30 days to announced in your bank account.

Please contact us via alive chat or
[e-mail protected]
if you do not receive your unique reference number via email or banking company alarm.

When contacting our back up, please be ready to provide us with supporting documents (e.k. a bank statement) showing your total name, the banking company account yous made the transfer from, and – ideally – the transaction itself.

  • Your depository financial institution may accuse you transaction fees. Please check with your banking concern before proceeding.

Banks that back up Autodeposit


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