Impact News: Producers For Slammiversary Matches, Dark Match Result

Touch Wrestling Slammiversary 2022 Results: Winners, Grades and Highlights

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    Credit: Affect Wrestling

    For 20 years, Touch Wrestling has revolutionized the industry, introducing fans to stars who would go on to get giants in the professional wrestling business and irresolute the style of in-ring work for years to come.

    Dominicus night in Nashville, Tennessee, the urban center where information technology all started, the company celebrated two decades with its annual Slammiversary pay-per-view, headlined by world champion Josh Alexander defending against peak contender Eric Young.

    The menu also featured the history-making Queen of the Mount match for the Knockouts Title, an Ultimate X friction match for Ace Austin’southward X-Division title and a star-studded ten-man tag match pitting the invaders from Ring of Honor against the Impact originals.

    Who emerged from the night’s matches with their arms raised in victory, what did it mean for the future of the promotion and what surprises did Impact officials take in store for the audience?

    Find out now with this recap of the June 19 extravaganza.

Friction match Carte

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    • Impact Globe Championship match: Josh Alexander (c) vs. Eric Young (with Violent By Design)
    • Queen of the Mountain lucifer for the Knockouts Championship: Deonna Purrazzo vs. Chelsea Green vs. Tasha Steelz (c) vs. Jordynne Grace vs. Mia Yim (guest enforcer: Mickie James)
    • Ultimate X match for the Ten-Division Championship: Alex Zayne vs. Kenny King vs. Jack Evans vs. Ace Austin (c) vs. Mike Bailey vs. Trey Miguel
    • Bear on World Tag Team Championship match: The Briscoes vs. The Good Brothers
    • Honor No More (Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, Vincent, PCO and Eddie Edwards) vs. Touch Originals (Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Frankie Kazarian, Nick Aldis and a mystery partner)
    • Monster’southward Ball: Moose vs. Sami Callihan
    • Knockouts World Tag Team Championship friction match: The Influence (c) vs. Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie
    • Inaugural to Slammiversary: Rich Swann vs. Brian Myers (Digital Media Title lucifer)
    • Inaugural to Slammiversary: Reverse Battle Royal

Countdown to Slammiversary: Rich Swann vs. Brian Myers (Digital Media Title)

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    Credit: Bear on Wrestling

    Fighting in the honor of best friend Matt Cardona, who recently suffered a torn bicep, Brian Myers battled Rich Swann for the Digital Title in the night’s opening contest every bit part of the Countdown to Slammiversary.

    Myers controlled early and ofttimes and even appeared to have the win in hand with a spear, a la mentor Edge. Swann fought back, though, and caught him with a handspring cutter, followed by the 450 splash for the victory.

    This was the perfect fashion to kick things off and ready the tone for the residuum of the broadcast. Both guys can accept a good match with their eyes closed and understand how to generate the desired reaction. They did that here, with a match that had the fans in Nashville red-hot and excited for everything to come.

    Swann winning returned the physical title to him afterward weeks of Cardona holding information technology at habitation, and so handing information technology over to his bestie. Should both men have been involved in something a chip more meaningful on the hugely significant carte du jour, peculiarly Swann every bit a former earth champion?

    Absolutely, only if they cannot be on the main card, beingness the first lucifer out is virtually every bit equally important.



    Top Moments

    • In between beating Swann down, Myers looked into the camera and said, “this one’s for yous, Matt!”

Reverse Boxing Imperial

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    Participants: Steve Maclin, Chris Bey, Shera, Bhupinder Ghujjar, Johnny Swinger, Zicky Dice, David Young, Raj Singh, Shogun, “Action” Mike Jackson, Chase Stevens, Shark Boy, Slash

    For meliorate or worse, the Opposite Battle Royal returned to Impact Wrestling every bit part of Countdown to Slammiversary, with a few other blasts from the past along from the ride.

    Erstwhile Impact stars such as David Young, Slash, Hunt Young, and Shark Male child all competed alongside modern competitors such equally Chris Bey, Steve Maclin, Shera, and Bhupinder Gujjar, to name a few.

    The match, which called for the field to be narrowed subsequently eight stars fought from the flooring to the squared circle, took on the appearance of a traditional battle royal. Obvious favorites Bey and Maclin eliminated each other, and when the action gave mode to Shark Male child and Johnny Swinger, it evolved into a singles bout.

    Shark Boy earned the win in a nice nod to his significance in the early days of the promotion.

    Every bit it always was and will be, this is such a convoluted gimmick tour that is harder to sympathize than anyone would actually care to. With that said, the nostalgia here was a ton of fun, and the performance by 72-yr-old “Activeness” Mike Jackson, who walked effectually the ringside area entirely on the guardrail, was awe-inspiring.

    The right guy went over, fun was had past anybody, and it appears as though nosotros may get a Maclin-Bey feud out of it. All in all, it was hardly a bad mode to spend a few minutes.



    Top Moments

    • “He has better balance and more hair than I practise at my age,” commentator Matthew Rehwoldt on 72-year-sometime Mike Jackson, who grabbed Shera in an armbar and proceeded to walk the entirety of the guardrail around the ringside area.
    • “I hope Medicare covers this,” Hannifan said of Jackson.
    • Hannifan revealed following Shark Boy’due south victory that he was instrumental in naming the event, making his victory that much more apropos.

Ultimate X for the Ten-Partitioning Championship

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    Credit: Touch on Wrestling

    Rules: 2 crossing wires hung over the rope with the X-Partition Championship wrapped around them. Competitors climb the steel scaffolding, make their fashion across the wires, and the first to retrieve the title wins the friction match and championship.

    Ten-Division champion and newest member of Bullet Social club, Ace Austin, defended his title against former friend Alex Zayne, Kenny Rex, “Speedball” Mike Bailey, Trey Miguel and Andrew Everett (replacing the injured Jack Evans) in the visitor’south revolutionary Ultimate 10 Friction match to kick off the prove.

    All of the wild, chaotic activity fans take come to look from the match was nowadays, with several moments of awe defining the opening contest. The spots were loftier, and the run a risk college but so was the reward for Bailey.

    Speedball captured his starting time X-Division Championship, outlasting Austin late to earn his most significant victory to date. Given the history that existed betwixt the two, it was appropriate that even with the wealth of talent involved, information technology came down to them.

    Bailey defeated the newest member of Bullet Order, earned chants of “you deserve it,” and put an exclamation point on the opener of the PPV main carte. It may not rank among the best Ultimate 10 bouts in company history, simply it delivered everything expected of it with the feel-practiced finale.

    Hopefully, Everrett is OK. He took a nasty bump near the end of the match that saw him clip the top rope on his way down. He did not render to the action.



    Top Moments

    • The v-person tower of Doom spot featuring everyone merely Miguel, followed past the one-time champion’southward Canadian Destroyer from the top rope to Zayne, were back-to-dorsum extraordinary spots.
    • Bailey unloading with a barrage of kicks while dangling from the cables loftier above the ring was a great spot.
    • Bailey delivered a headscissors to Everett that sent him crashing to the mat beneath, merely not before clipping the top rope in a scary spot.
    • After the match, a video message from Sting aired in which he discussed his favorite moments with Bear upon Wrestling.

Knockouts Tag Squad Title Match: Taya Valkyrie and Rosemary vs. The Influence

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    Credit: Touch on Wrestling

    Despite doubts about Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie’s ability to coexist long enough to terminate the reign of Knockouts Tag Team champions Madison Rayne and Tenille Dashwood, the Demon Assassinator, and La Wera Loca did merely that.

    A sprint of a friction match saw the challengers overcome a full-bodied assault by The Influence, including a Colab that nearly ended their pursuit of the gold. It concluded with longtime Knockout Rosemary scoring the win for her squad by pinning the highly busy Rayne.

    It was a fun lucifer that had nonstop action throughout. The outcome was noteworthy in that it brings Rosemary and Valkyrie dorsum together for the foreseeable future, freshens things up in the Knockouts tag partition, and ensures the latter will be sticking around for a flake.

    It would not be surprising at all if the feud continues beyond Sun’s pay-per-view, considering it felt every bit if it was withal in its infancy heading into the outcome. If that is the example, all four women should be able to build on and, possibly, eclipse what they accomplished hither.



    Top Moments

    • Hannifan recalled the sordid history between friends-turned-enemies-reunited Valkyrie and Rosemary to create a sense of uncertainty surrounding their ability to degrade the champions.
    • A strong near-fall late saw the challengers score stereo pins on the champions.
    • Rayne appeared to endure some sort of face or nose injury late in the bout as she repeatedly nursed that area all the way into the finish.

Monster’s Ball: Sami Callihan vs. Moose

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    The immensely personal feud betwixt Sami Callihan and Moose culminated Sunday night in Monster’s Brawl, a hard-hitting, ass-kicking hardcore brawl preceded by 24 hours of no food, water, light or liberty for the imprisoned combatants.

    Callihan unleashed almost a year of frustration on his opponent, attacking Moose during the former world champion’southward entrance and proceeding to punish him for several moments thereafter.

    Moose would recover, and so join his opponent in a dorsum-and-along brandish of one-upmanship every bit they inflicted pain and agony on each other reserved merely for the fiercest of rivals. Callihan delivered a powerbomb from the ropes onto a trash can set upwards vertically.

    When Moose exploded out of a pivot attempt and fired upwards, Callihan introduced a barbed wire baseball bat. A shot to the gut and the Cactus Driver ’97 earned the Death Machine the hard-fought victory.

    Arguably the most intense rivalry entering the testify and carrying the Monster’s Ball stipulation, at that place were lofty expectations for this one. It did not disappoint. It was accordingly physical and gruesome.

    Moose took some big bumps and really sold the hell out of everything Callihan threw at him. When the time called for it, he fired upwards and defiantly dared his foe to ramp up the attack if he hoped to crush him.

    Callihan did, pulling from the playbooks of the hardcore legends who came before him, and put Moose downwardly for the win.

    It was a peachy brawl and arguably the all-time match of the evidence to this betoken.



    Peak Moments

    • Callihan jumping Moose from the kickoff was a great way to plant the fury and rage of the competitors.
    • Hannifan paid homage to Completeness when Callihan produced a spinous wire-wrapped door from under the band, a dainty ode to one of the Impact greats and the godfather of all hardcore wrestling the promotion has produced.
    • Moose drove Callihan into a pile of thumbtacks with a Sky High. He dragged him through the tacks moments over in an uncomfortable scene.
    • Callihan upped the violence with a Death Valley Driver into the aforementioned door.

Affect World Tag Team Championship Match: The Briscoes vs. The Good Brothers

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    Two of the most decorated teams in mod wrestling history sought to add together another huge victory to their resumes as The Briscoes defended the Touch on World Tag Team Championships against The Good Brothers’ Md Gallows and Karl Anderson.

    The challengers worked over Jay Briscoe for a large portion of the friction match, halting what had been considerable momentum past the champions to that point. A picayune chip of separation and a hot tag to his brother, Mark, immune the Briscoes to mount a comeback.

    Information technology was for naught, though, as Anderson eventually obliterated Mark with a Gun Stun, then joined Gallows for the Magic Killer for the win.

    A tense mail-friction match staredown was interrupted by a special appearance from Impact legends “Cowboy” James Storm and “Mutiny” Chris Harris, America’s Most Wanted. Beers were shared, catchphrases exclaimed and all was correct with the globe.

    Yous tin tell all in Touch have their workboots on for this show. The Good Brothers tin exist hit or miss, just they mesh and then well with The Briscoes, elevating their own game to match that of their historic opposition.

    This was a damn good, high-drama match that had fans thinking they might see Dem Boys retain the titles, only for Anderson and Gallows to crush their hopes and dreams by winning world tag title No. viii.

    The post-friction match appearance past Harris and Tempest was a slap-up moment and played to the nostalgia that had been such a common theme throughout the broadcast.



    Top Moments

    • The commentary squad put over the intensity of the match past suggesting Anderson and Gallows had pulled ane of Jay’s dreadlocks out of his caput.
    • Mark broke up a Magic Killer with a big spear, momentarily preserving him and his brother’due south reign atop the tag team mount.
    • After the match and AMW promo, Hannifan and Rehwoldt threw to a video package honoring the original voices of Affect, the not bad Mike Tenay and Don West. Equally a neat team who was so incredibly pregnant to the early and continued success of the company by way of their ability to get over the stars and stories, their contributions were countless. That emotion painted on the faces of Hannifan and Rehwoldt afterward was indicative of the love, back up and respect so many accept for Tenay and Westward.

ten-Man Tag Squad Lucifer: Honour No More than vs. Impact Wrestling Originals

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    Former majority owner of Touch Wrestling, Dixie Carter, made a special advent Dominicus night and announced that Davey Richards would join Nick “Magnus” Aldis, The Motor City Car Guns, and Frankie Kazarian for the Touch on Originals’ showdown with Award No More’s Eddie Edwards, Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, Vincent and PCO.

    The highly decorated Impact Originals team dominated early, feeding off the energy the unexpected reveal of Richards gave them. The heels downed Alex Shelley, though, and seized control by isolating him from his partners. A missed Reanimator from PCO immune him to fight dorsum into the match and make the much-needed team to Kazarian.

    From there, the action broke downwards, becoming then hard to follow at times that Impact EVP Scott D’Affection even joked that the commentary team deserved a enhance. The closing moments were dominated by cameo appearances from Traci Brooks, Earl Hebner and D’Lo Brown before Shelley and Chris Sabin put PCO away for the win.

    This was very much the epitome of Bear on Wrestling wrapped up in 1 match. It was wild, chaotic, difficult to runway at times and definitely overbooked. Information technology was too activeness-packed, featured some of the best wrestlers in the world and brought with information technology unbridled free energy.

    The experience-good moments toward the end and the Impact originals emerging victorious helped drag this 1 exponentially. A
    not bad
    match? No, but easily ane of the most fun whatsoever fan will see this year, with a ton of centre to kicking.



    Top Moments

    • The introduction of Richards every bit the terminal member of the Touch on squad was a peachy, cerebral booking choice that reintroduced him to the mix and played on the long, sordid, trigger-happy history between him and old tag team partner Edwards.
    • “That’south my monster!” Taven exclaimed afterward communicable Aldis with a springboard kick, breaking up a Kings Lynn Cloverleaf.
    • The multi-submission spot is always fun, and the one here was no unlike.
    • Brooks, the wife of Kazarian and the original Knockout, wiped Maria Kanellis out at ringside and prevented her from interfering any further in the match.
    • A SCARY Flux Capacitor past Kazarian to PCO, from the peak rope, nearly ended in disaster.
    • Brown made the save for the babyfaces afterward Kenny King got involved. The former European Champion delivered the Low Down to a big pop, despite a brief hesitation.
    • Hebner, just two days removed from losing his blood brother Dave, entered the ring and counted the autumn. A bittersweet moment for the most legendary referee in pro wrestling history.

Queen of the Mountain Match for the Knockouts Championship

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    Credit: Affect Wrestling

    Rules: Wrestlers begin as ineligible. A wrestler becomes eligible with a pinfall or submission over another wrestler. The wrestler who gets pinned or submitted spends ii minutes in the penalty box. Eligible wrestler wins by climbing a ladder and hanging the belt above the ring, thus winning the match and the Knockouts Championship.

    The Knockouts sectionalisation over again made history Sun dark as Tasha Steelz defended its earth title in the kickoff-e’er Queen of the Mountain lucifer. Her opponents, all former champions in their ain right, included “The Virtuosa” Deonna Purrazzo, Chelsea Green, Jordynne Grace and Mia Yim.

    The bout has always been one of the more convoluted in wrestling, with too many rules to keep direct and the gimmick of the penalty box seemingly for the sake of it. Working in and around information technology can be a difficult chore for anyone. Sunday night, the Knockouts embraced the challenge and delivered a hellishly wild match.

    It was difficult-hitting and as physical as any other match on the card. Information technology featured some solid story elements, including special enforcer Mickie James letting her bias make it the way and Green and Purrazzo loosely forming a partnership. It also highlighted all five combatants extremely well.

    Steelz took an ass-kicking, selling everything expertly and looking like the star she is, even as she more closely portrayed a tackling dummy. Equally Grace ramped up the intensity, the crowd got more than and more behind her. By the fourth dimension she exploded out of the penalty box late, they were ready for her to capture the championship that has eluded her for two years.

    She did and will almost immediately be confronted with the claiming of i of the most talented rosters in all of women’s wrestling.



    Height Moments

    • James showtime locked Savannah Evans in the penalty box with Steelz, then ejected her from ringside, ensuring the Boricua Badass would take to go it alone in pursuit of a successful title defense.
    • Yim took a nasty crash-land onto the ladder; i of those the viewer feels sympathy pains for at abode.
    • Grace and Steelz both pinned Yim at the same time, earning eligibility very late in the match.
    • Yim sent Green and Purrazzo crashing off a ladder and through a tabular array at ringside in the biggest crash-land of the match.

Impact World Title Friction match: Josh Alexander vs. Eric Young

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    For Josh Alexander to retain the Impact Earth Championship, he would have to overcome the challenge of a grizzled veteran competing in his fourth Slammiversary main event in Vehement By Design’s Eric Young.

    The 2 students of the game dipped deep into the history of the promotion and its greatest champions in search of the move or submission that would earn them the victory. Young channeled the founder of the promotion, Jeff Jarrett, while Alexander turned to Kurt Bending and Samoa Joe for inspiration as he tried to clothing down his challenger.

    There was a Black Hole Slam, a la “The Monster” Abyss, and the Best Moonsault Ever, straight from the playbook of “The Fallen Affections” Christopher Daniels. It was Angle’s ankle lock, adopted recently by Alexander, that should have earned him the win. Deaner, though, threw yellow powder in the eyes of referee Brian Hebner, preventing him from seeing the tapout.

    Chaos reigned supreme earlier Immature delivered a wicked fasten piledriver on the exposed forest of the ring. Alexander recovered, countering a top-rope piledriver effort and applying the ankle lock. He obliterated Immature with a uranage onto the wood, then delivered the C4 spike for the win.

    In a lucifer that looked back to the men who helped lay the foundation for Affect Wrestling, it was the trademark finisher of the company’s present and time to come pinnacle star that earned him the win and put an assertion point on the proceedings.

    A corking friction match that started wearisome but picked upwards exponentially a quarter of the way through was more-than-deserving of its identify on the card and further bear witness that Alexander is as hot an in-band performer in 2022 equally anyone.

    Kudos to Immature, also, who repeatedly shows up and shows out in these big match situations. Young is one of the virtually trustworthy performers in the country, dating back to his days in Squad Canada and as the scaredy-cat underdog of the promotion, and has clustered a resume that does not get nearly the respect it deserves. Give EY his flowers.



    Top Moments

    • The nods to the icons of Touch Wrestling were fantastic. Alexander has repeatedly expressed his fandom for the promotion during his young years, and Immature competed against then many of them throughout his Affect Hall of Fame-worthy career.
    • The Angle Slam to Joe Doering, off the apron and through the table at ringside was a great spot and eliminated the large man from the equation.
    • Immature blasted Alexander with a guitar, another ode to Jarrett, who was conspicuous by his absence all dark long.
    • The finish, with Alexander turning to his own arsenal to finally exorcise the demon that was Immature, was a great chip of storytelling.


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