John Mcafee Why Is He On The Run

The film explores McAfee’due south downfall through never-earlier-seen footage of the billionaire on the lam and, while he died in June last year, the final scene of Running with the Devil implies otherwise.

But who was John McAfee and why was he trying to hide from the authorities? Here’s everything y’all need to know.

Who was John McAfee?

John McAfee was a figurer programmer and man of affairs, best known for founding anti-virus software McAfee.

Built-in in Gloucestershire, McAfee was raised in Salem, Virginia past his British mother and American father, who was an “abusive alcoholic” and shot himself dead when McAfee was xv-years-old, according to BBC News.

McAfee went on to study for a PhD in mathematics at Northeast Louisiana State College, however he was expelled from the plan in 1968 afterward entering into a relationship with an undergraduate student, who subsequently became his first wife.

He began his career working every bit a programmer for NASA’south Institute for Space Studies, then moved on to go a software designer at Univac, then to Xerox as an operating system architect, and later he worked for Lockheed.

In 1987, he created McAfee Assembly after learning about the Brain computer virus fabricated for the PC and created an antivirus software – VirusScan – that would observe and remove it.

He afterwards sold McAfee to Intel for over $7.6 billion, notwithstanding the billionaire later on told BBC News that he never used whatsoever of the McAfee products.

“I’yard constantly nether set on, yet I use no software protection,” he said. “I protect myself by constantly changing my IP [Net Protocol] address, by non attaching my name to any device I employ, and past not going on to sites where you might pick upwardly a virus.”

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Outside of McAfee software, the entrepreneur founded other ventures including instant messaging plan Tribal Vox and invested in firewall software company Zone Labs.

By 2009, he was living in Belize where he started herbal antibiotics company QuroumEx and believed that plants in the land contained ingredients that would terminate bacteria from sending chemical signals to ane another.

However, after the venture was poorly received by the printing, microbiologist Allison Adonizio left the project and in April 2012, Belize’due south Gang Suppression Unit of measurement raided the research facility.

What happened to John McAfee?

John McAfee with girlfriend Sam in 2012

John McAfee with girlfriend Sam in 2012.Netflix

John McAfee start went on the run in 2012 after his neighbour Gregory Faull was constitute dead from a gunshot wound on 11th Nov. The police began searching for McAfee, who was a person of interest in the case.

According to The Times, Faull had disliked McAfee’s dogs who were constantly barking, with McAfee revealing that he was afraid the constabulary would recollect he was responsible for the killing and subsequently buried himself in a shallow trench of sand with a cardboard box over his head for several hours.

He went on the run with his 20-year-onetime girlfriend Samantha Venegas, as well every bit Vice reporters Rocco Castoro and Robert King, fleeing to Republic of guatemala. Afterwards Vice revealed McAfee’due south location past posting a photograph which included the EXIF geolocation metadata, they moved bases once once more earlier being arrested for illegally entering Republic of guatemala.

After being arrested and taken to look displacement to Belize, McAfee appeared to suffer ii small center attacks – however, he later on told CNN that he faked the heart attacks to buy his lawyer fourth dimension to file appeals preventing his deportation to Belize. He was subsequently deported to the United States in December 2012.

Whilst in u.s.a., McAfee hit the headlines later on posting a YouTube video titled How to Uninstall McAfee Antivirus, in which he made fun of the company’s software while snorting white powder around women.

In 2015, he announced his presidential bid every bit a candidate of the Cyber Party before irresolute to the Libertarian Political party, coming second in the primaries and third at the 2016 Libertarian National Convention.

All the same, in 2019, McAfee went on the run in one case over again to avoid tax evasion charges, with the entrepreneur going to alive on a boat with his latest married woman Janice Dyson – and in October 2020, he was arrested in Spain and formally indicted the following year.

On 23rd June 2021, the Spanish National Court authorised his extradition to Tennessee and shortly afterwards, McAfee was institute dead in his prison cell, having seemingly killed himself at the historic period of 75.

What is John McAfee’southward net worth?

While John McAfee had sold his visitor to Intel for over $7.half dozen billion, The New York Times reported that his personal fortune had fallen from $100 million to $four one thousand thousand in 2009, subsequently the financial crisis of 2007-2008 affected his investments.

Meanwhile, Celebrity Cyberspace Worth reported that at the fourth dimension of McAfee’south death, his internet worth was yet $four 1000000.

Is John McAfee dead?

While John McAfee was officially declared dead on 23rd June 2021, with an official dissection confirming that he died past suicide, there are some who believe he could still exist alive.

In Running with the Devil: The Wild World of John McAfee, his ex-girlfriend Samantha Venegas claims that he got in bear on with her later his decease.

“I got a call from Texas. ‘It’south me, John. I paid off people to pretend that I am dead, just I am non dead. In that location are merely 3 persons in this earth that knows that I’m still alive.’ And then he asked me to run away with him,” she said.

Meanwhile, McAfee’due south ghost writer Alex Cody Foster told in an sectional interview that he received a notification on the Telegram app a month afterward McAfee’southward decease, alerting him that his number had joined the app.

“I was like, ‘What in the globe? This is weird.’ So, I texted the number and I was like, ‘Hey, you lot’re using a dead man’s telephone? Who are you?’ And they read the bulletin and didn’t answer.”

He added: “Presently after, that number merely got wiped, so I thought a number of things could take happened – like someone has John’south phone, Janice [John’due south married woman] has John’s phone, or possibly John has John’s phone. I don’t think I’ll ever know.”

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