Jordynne Grace made history in a wild match at Slammiversary

Bear on! on AXS Idiot box Preview: June 23, 2022

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8 nights away from Confronting All Odds, the fallout from Slammiversary begins on an all-new Touch on! this Thursday at 8/7c on AXS TV and 8:30pm ET on YouTube for Bear upon Insiders.

Post-obit a grueling victory over Eric Young to retain the Touch World Title at Slammiversary, Josh Alexander thwarted an set on from Joe Doering and Deaner with the help of Affect stars from the past and present. With the undefeated Joe Doering set to receive the side by side title opportunity at Against All Odds, Alexander continues his fight confronting Violent Past Design when he battles Deaner this Thursday! Volition the “Walking Weapon” continue his wave of momentum or volition Deaner verbal revenge in the proper name of Trigger-happy By Blueprint?

History was made at Slammiversary when Jordynne Grace toppled four other competitors to win the Knockouts Earth Title and become the first-e’er Queen of the Mount. During the lucifer, Mia Yim sent Chelsea Green and Deonna Purrazzo soaring off the top of a ladder through two tables on the flooring. At present Dark-green is out to fifty-fifty the score when she goes i-on-one with “The HBIC” this Thursday!

The action begins Earlier the IMPACT, streaming this Thursday at 7:30pm ET exclusively on IMPACT Plus, YouTube and Facebook. Later on making his Impact return in the Ultimate 10 friction match at Slammiversary, Andrew Everett turns his attention towards the daunting Black Taurus! Plus, Gia Miller, Josh Mathews and George Iceman go you lot gear up for all things IMPACT.


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Josh Alexander Defends His IMPACT Globe Title Confronting the Undefeated Joe Doering in a High-Stakes Clash at Confronting All Odds

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At Slammiversary, Josh Alexander proved that he is, without a dubiousness, the future of IMPACT Wrestling as he defeated Eric Immature to retain the Touch World Championship in a grueling competition. Merely the fight is but just start for the “Walking Weapon” as he must at present turn his attention towards Against All Odds where he will defend his title against the undefeated powerhouse, Joe Doering. Recently on Touch on!, Doering scored a disqualification victory over Alexander and with the threat of Violent By Design still looming, Affect Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore fabricated the match official. Something has got to give in Atlanta as both Alexander’south Impact Earth Title and Doering’south undefeated streak will be on the line!

Who volition seize victory in their battle Against All Odds? Notice out Live July 1st on IMPACT Plus and YouTube for IMPACT Ultimate Insiders from Centre Stage in Atlanta, GA! Tickets are on-auction now at

Slammiversary 2022 Photos: Stars of the Past & Nowadays Tear the Roof Off the Asylum on a Night We’ll Never Forget

Slammiversary 2022 Total Results

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Touch on Wrestling celebrates its 20th anniversary as Slammiversary returns habitation to the Nashville Fairgrounds in Nashville, TN.

The activity begins on Inaugural to Slammiversary streaming Alive & FREE on Touch on Plus and YouTube!

Digital Media Champion Rich Swann vs Brian Myers – Digital Media Championship

Myers hits a back suplex on the frock to proceeds the early advantage. Myers wears down Swann with a chin lock. Swann catches him in mid-air with a rolling clothesline to begin building momentum. Swann hits a series of kicks for two. Myers comes dorsum with a spear for a near autumn of his ain. Myers spikes him with a DDT but information technology’due south not enough to keep Swann down. Swann connects with the 450 Splash to retain the Digital Media Championship and repossess concrete possession of his title!

Digital Media Champion Rich Swann def Brian Myers – Digital Media Championship

Johnny Swinger vs Zicky Dice vs Chris Bey vs David Immature vs Shera vs Raj Singh vs Bhupinder Gujjar vs Shark Male child vs Crazzy Steve vs Shogun vs Aiden Prince vs Nate Webb vs Mike Jackson vs Steve Maclin vs Chase Stevens vs Slash – Reverse Battle Royal

Competitors surroundings the ring every bit they try to fight their way inside. Chris Bey, Bhupinder Gujjar, Shera, Chase Stevens, Steve Maclin, Johnny Swinger, David Young and Shark Male child are the beginning viii to do so and will now compete in a traditional battle royal. Bey hits Maclin with the Art of Finesse, eliminating them both from the match. The last ii competitors are Shark Boy and Johnny Swinger with the winner now being adamant by pinfall or submission. Shark Boy hits the Chummer to win the the match and declare himself the victory of the Reverse Boxing Royal!

Shark Boy def Johnny Swinger, Zicky Die, Chris Bey, David Immature, Shera, Raj Singh, Bhupinder Gujjar, Crazzy Steve, Shogun, Aiden Prince, Nate Webb, Mike Jackson, Steve Maclin, Chase Stevens & Slash – Reverse Battle Royal

Slammiversary 2022 is on the air!

Ten-Division Champion Ace Austin vs Kenny King vs Andrew Everett vs Alex Zayne vs Mike Bailey vs Trey Miguel – Ultimate X Match for the Ten-Division Championship

Ace Austin’due south X-Segmentation Title is up for grabs in the high-chance, high-wire spectacle known equally Ultimate X! Miguel soars over the top rope, colliding with King on the outside. Austin hits a Fosbury Flop over the superlative rope to the floor. Everett hits a snap German suplex to Miguel on the apron. Everett takes out everyone with a springboard corkscrew. Bailey hits a modified Ultimo Weapon from the cables. There’s a huge Tower of Doom out of the corner as Miguel is the only one left standing. Miguel spikes Zayne with a super Canadian Destroyer from the top. Bailey and Austin scale the cables and exchange strikes near the championship. Everett joins them simply Bailey sends him crashing to the mat with a head scissors take-down. Bailey fights off Austin and unhooks the title to become the new X-Division Champion!

Mike Bailey def Ace Austin, Kenny King, Andrew Everett, Alex Zayne & Trey Miguel – Ultimate X Match NEW Ten-Partitioning Champion

Scott Hudson returns as he interviews the IMPACT Originals ahead of their ten-human being state of war against Honor No More this night. The Motor City Machine Guns, Frankie Kazarian and Nick Aldis vow to defend the legacy of Bear upon Wrestling tonight.

“The Icon” Sting remembers his time in Impact Wrestling.

Knockouts Earth Tag Squad Champions The Influence (Madison Rayne & Tenille Dashwood) vs Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie – Knockouts Earth Tag Team Championship

Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie reunite to challenge The Influence for the Knockouts Earth Tag Team Titles! Valkyrie hits a sliding German language suplex on Dashwood. Rosemary goes for a spear on Dashwood simply Rayne makes the salve and drives her into the apron. Rayne and Dashwood trap Rosemary as they cut off the ring and prevent her from making the tag. Rosemary finally creates separation and makes the tag to Valkyrie who hits a thunderous Bluish Thunder Bomb on Rayne. Dashwood cuts off Rosemary mid-spear with a running dropkick. Rosemary and Valkyrie hit double spears on The Influence for a pair of two counts. The Influence connect with The Collab on Rosemary but can’t make the follow-up pin effort. Rosemary is dorsum from the dead as plants Rayne on the mat to win!

Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie def Knockouts World Tag Squad Champions The Influence (Madison Rayne & Tenille Dashwood) – NEW Knockouts World Tag Squad Champions

Kurt Bending congratulates IMPACT Wrestling on 20 incredible years.

Moose vs Sami Callihan – Monster’due south Ball

After existence trapped in isolation for 24 hours, Moose and Sami Callihan are unleashed in a friction match with no disqualifications, no count outs and no shortage of weapons – this is Monster’south Ball! Callihan attacks Moose from behind during his archway to jumpstart the lucifer. Callihan pummels him with a series of steel tray shots to the head. Callihan is busted open post-obit a shot from a steel trash can hat. Moose hits a Uranage on the hardest office of the ring, and so some other one through a tabular array. Callihan and Moose take turns hurling chairs at each other’s skulls. Moose attempts a spear but Callihan traps him in a trash can. Callihan pushes Moose off the top rope, sending him crashing into a table at ringside. Callihan introduces thumbtacks into the match merely Moose makes him pay with a powerbomb into the tacks. Callihan hits a Death Valley Driver through a door wrapped in barbed wire. Callihan connects with the Cactus Commuter 97 for a very close virtually fall. Callihan powerbombs Moose into a vertical trash can, followed past another Cactus Driver 97 but information technology’s still not enough to go on Moose downward. Callihan assaults him with a barbed wire baseball bat, followed by a 3rd Cactus Driver 97 into the thumbtacks to win!

Sami Callihan def Moose – Monster’s Ball

IMPACT World Tag Team Champions The Briscoes (Jay & Marker Briscoe) vs The Proficient Brothers (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson) – Impact Earth Tag Squad Championship

Two of the greatest tag teams in all of professional wrestling settle the score with the IMPACT Globe Tag Team Titles on the line! The action is fast and furious as a wild brawl breaks out around ringside. Gallows distracts the referee, allowing Anderson to bulldoze Jay head-first into a steel chair. Jay superkicks Gallows, so makes the tag to Mark. Moments later, The Good Brothers attempt Magic Killer on Marking only Jay breaks it up. Marking and Anderson substitution strikes in the middle of the band with Anderson gaining the upper-mitt post-obit an uppercut. The Briscoes connect with a double squad powerbomb on Anderson. Anderson fights off a Doomsday Device. Gallows then tosses Mark off the tiptop rope into a Gun Stun from Anderson. The Good Brothers hitting the Magic Killer on Jay to win the match and get the new IMPACT World Tag Team Champions!

The Skillful Brothers (Dr. Gallows & Karl Anderson) def Touch World Tag Team Champions The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) NEW Touch World Tag Squad Champions

James Storm and Chris Harris, otherwise known as America’s Almost Wanted, make their shocking return. They share a beer with The Good Brothers and The Briscoes equally they thank you to 20 years of IMPACT Wrestling.

This night’s upshot is dedicated to the memory of Bob Ryder.

Nosotros honor the voices of TNA Wrestling, Mike Tenay and Don West.

Christy Hemme is the special guest ring announcer for the upcoming match. Bear upon Executive Vice President and former Team Canada member Coach D’Amore joins Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt on commentary. Former TNA Wrestling president Dixie Carter returns to introduce the final fellow member of the IMPACT Originals – Eddie Edwards’ sometime tag team partner, Davey Richards!

Accolade No More (Eddie Edwards, Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, Vincent & PCO) westward/ Maria Kanellis vs Bear on Originals (Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Frankie Kazarian, Nick Aldis & Dave Richards)

The IMPACT Originals vow to defend the legacy of IMPACT Wrestling against the threat of Honor No More! The bell rings and the fight is on. Vincent hits Shelley with a Saito suplex, followed by a Flatliner for two. Vincent continues the set on with a side Russian leg sweep to Sabin. Taven hits But the Tip on Shelley but Kazarian breaks the pin. PCO crashes and burns as Shelley avoids the De-Animator on the frock. Shelley fights out of the corner with a double Sliced Bread to Edwards and Vincent, allowing him to create some much-needed separation. Shelley makes the tag to Kazarian who hits Vincent with a slingshot cutter. It’southward total nonstop action as both teams exchange offense at a blistering pace. Sabin dives through the ropes, colliding with Bennett on the outside. Taven is next to fly equally he soars over the meridian into everyone on the floor. Back in the ring, Richards and Edwards square off. Richards locks in a double leglock on both Edwards and Taven. Vincent hits Cerise Rum on Aldis but Sabin makes the relieve just in time. Traci Brooks jumps the guardrail and neutralizes Maria at ringside. Kenny King gets involved but D’Lo Brown hits the ring and takes him out with a Heaven High. Sabin connects with the Cradle Shock on PCO equally Earl Hebner makes the three count, application the victory to the Impact Originals!

IMPACT Originals (Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Frankie Kazarian, Nick Aldis & Dave Richards) def Honor No More than (Eddie Edwards, Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, Vincent & PCO) w/ Maria Kanellis

AJ Styles wishes Bear on Wrestling a happy anniversary!

Knockouts Globe Champion Tasha Steelz westward/ Savannah Evans vs Deonna Purrazzo vs Chelsea Dark-green vs Jordynne Grace vs Mia Yim – Queen of the Mountain Match for the Knockouts World Championship

Mickie James is the Special Guest Enforcer for the first-ever Queen of the Mountain match where, later on becoming eligible via pinfall or submission, y’all win the match by climbing a ladder and hanging the Knockouts World Title high above the band! Whoever is pinned or submitted during the elapsing of the match must enter the penalty box for ii minutes. Green hits a top rope crossbody into anybody on the floor, and then pins Steelz to become eligible. Steelz refuses to enter the penalty box but James tosses both her and Evans inside as the 2-minute inaugural begins. Steels is released from the box as she hits Yim with a springboard bulldog. Evans tries to get involved simply James tosses her from ringside. Yim connects with a bridged High german suplex on Green, so pins her to become eligible. Yim climbs the ladder with the Knockouts World Title in manus merely Steelz takes her out with a cutter. Purrazzo locks in the Fujiwara Armbar on Steelz, forcing her to submit in order to become eligible. Yim soars off the peak of the punishment box, dropkicking Green into a steel ladder. Yim hits Grace with a Package Piledrier on the flooring to score a pinfall and send her to the penalty box. Green attempts to hang the championship but James pulls her off the ladder as payback for attacking her earlier. Dark-green and Purrazzo are perched on the ladder but Yim tips it over, sending them both crashing through two tables on the floor. Steelz and Grace score a double pinfall on Yim, making them both eligible. Grace pins Steelz following a Grace Driver to send her to the penalty box. Grace hangs the Knockouts World Title to win the lucifer and become the new Knockouts World Champion!

Jordynne Grace def Knockouts World Champion Tasha Steelz w/ Savannah Evans, Deonna Purrazzo, Chelsea Dark-green & Mia Yim – Queen of the Mountain Match NEW Knockouts World Champion

Gia Miller introduces Goldilocks, IMPACT Wrestling’due south showtime backstage interviewer. Goldilocks interviews IMPACT Hall of Famer Gail Kim who was voted the most IMPACTful Knockout in IMPACT Wrestling history.

IMPACT Wrestling presents its biggest event of the twelvemonth, Bound For Glory, Live this October on pay-per-view!

Bear upon World Champion Josh Alexander vs Eric Young due west/ Violent By Design (Joe Doering & Deaner) – IMPACT World Championship

It’s main event fourth dimension at Slammiversary equally Josh Alexander defends the IMPACT World Title against Touch on original Eric Young! Both competitors avoid each other’s Moonsaults as we achieve a stalemate in the early on going. Deaner sets up a table at ringside. Meanwhile, Young drives his elbow into the chest of Alexander form the top rope. Alexander hits a powerbomb, then floats over into a submission. Alexander brings the fight to the other members of Tearing By Design, and then connects with a top rope crossbody for 2. Immature counters the C4 Spike into the Stroke, a la Jeff Jarrett. The trip downward memory lane continues as he hits a Black Hole Slam for ii. Alexander connects with the All-time Moonsault Ever for another about autumn. Alexander nearly puts Immature away with the Styles Clash but when Young kicks out, Alexander floats over into the Talocrural joint Lock. Young is borer out just the referee is blinded afterward Deaner throws powder in his optics. Alexander sends Doering through a table with an Olympic Slam. Young shatters a guitar over Alexander’s caput. Young spikes him with a Piledriver on the exposed wood just somehow Alexander kicks out at two. Alexander connects with a C4 Spike to score the pinfall and retain the IMPACT World Championship!

Bear on Globe Champion Josh Alexander def Eric Young w/ Vehement By Design (Joe Doering & Deaner) – Bear on World Championship

Subsequently the match, Josh Alexander celebrates his difficult-fought victory as Tom Hannifan calls him “the time to come of IMPACT Wrestling”. Slammiversary 2022 goes off the air.

Andrew Everett Replaces Jack Evans in Ultimate X Tonight at Slammiversary

Out of an abundance of caution post-obit an injury this weekend, Jack Evans has been pulled from today’s Ultimate X lucifer. He will be replaced in the X-Division Title showdown by Andrew Everett.

Click hither for everything you demand to know about Slammiversary LIVE This night at 8pm ET on pay-per-view!

Slammiversary 2022 Total Preview

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IMPACT Wrestling celebrates its 20th ceremony as Slammiversary returns dwelling house to the Nashville Fairgrounds in Nashville, TN. Don’t miss this historic event Alive TONIGHT at 8pm ET on pay-per-view! Tickets are on-sale now at

In the span of two weeks, Josh Alexander defeated Moose to become the new Touch World Champion at Rebellion, defeated him again in a rematch on IMPACT!, then retained the IMPACT World Championship over Tomohiro Ishii at Under Siege. Now the “Walking Weapon” turns his attention towards Slammiversary where he volition defend his title against the winner of Gauntlet for the Gold, the maniacal leader of Violent By Pattern, Eric Immature! Alexander has made one thing abundantly clear – he is set to accept on all challengers as the new face of Touch on Wrestling. Will Alexander’due south trend-setting reign keep or is Immature walking out of Nashville with the aureate just “by design”?

It’south fourth dimension for the Knockouts of Impact Wrestling to make history once again. For the get-go fourth dimension ever, five Knockouts will compete in a Queen of the Mount match as Tasha Steelz defends her title in i of the most unique friction match types in professional wrestling. Equally revealed by Touch Hall of Famer Gail Kim, challenging her will be a lineup of former Knockouts Globe Champions: Chelsea Green, Jordynne Grace, Deonna Purrazzo and Mia Yim, who made her shocking IMPACT return at Under Siege. Who volition climb the ladder and hang the title to leave Touch on Wrestling’s 20th anniversary celebration as the Knockouts World Champion? Plus, we now know that Mickie James will be the Special Guest Enforcer to ensure that information technology’s a off-white fight!

The high-risk, high-wire spectacle known every bit Ultimate X will return at IMPACT’due south summertime pay-per-view extravaganza, Slammiversary! Equally one of the most exciting match types in all of professional wrestling, Ultimate 10 played an of import role in putting IMPACT Wrestling on the map. This fourth dimension, Ace Austin‘s X-Division Championship volition exist on the line but who will his opponents be? Honor No More‘s Kenny King, “Speedball” Mike Bailey and former 10-Partition Champion Trey Miguel were victorious in qualifying matches to punch their ticket to Slammiversary. Plus, Ace Austin’s erstwhile friend, Alex Zayne, will compete and due to injury, Jack Evans will be replaced by Andrew Everett who is making his long-awaited Affect return!

At Under Siege, Sami Callihan made his jaw-dropping return to Bear on Wrestling as he targeted the man who broke his leg and took him out of action last twelvemonth, Moose. The “Death Car” vowed to make Moose’s life a living hell, playing mind games with the old IMPACT World Champion at every plough. Callihan fifty-fifty played a role in costing Moose a coveted IMPACT World Title opportunity in the Gauntlet for the Golden. Following a violent ball on IMPACT! that saw Callihan lock Moose inside of a night storage room, nosotros can now confirm that a blockbuster match has been made official. Sami Callihan will collide with Moose in a lucifer with no disqualifications, no countouts and no shortage of weapons – this is Monster’s Brawl! What will happen when two of the near accomplished stars in IMPACT Wrestling go caput-to-head? Notice out at IMPACT’due south biggest event of the summer, Slammiversary.

2 of the greatest tag teams in professional wrestling history are ready to collide at Slammiversary – just only one can exist called the best. It was during a backstage altercation between The Good Brothers and reigning IMPACT World Tag Team Champions The Briscoes when Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson reminded “Dem Boys” that they’ve never defeated them in Touch on Wrestling. Never backing downward from a fight, The Briscoes accustomed their claiming before IMPACT Executive Vice President Scott D’Affection fabricated the match official. Having scored a victory over Jay and Mark Briscoe earlier this yr at Multiverse of Matches, will The Good Brothers reclaim their spot at the top of the mountain? Or will The Briscoes prove that they’re the new face up of the Bear upon tag team division?

If Honor No More than doesn’t get what they want, nobody does. When they were denied a rematch with The Practiced Brothers by Affect Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore, they took it upon themselves to interrupt the highly-anticipated tour between Affect veterans Chris Sabin and Frankie Kazarian. The attacks connected ane week afterwards when they took Rhino out of activity with a vicious steel chair assault. Now D’Amore has tasked Chris Sabin, Frankie Kazarian and Alex Shelley with finding two partners who have competed for IMPACT Wrestling in the past to boxing Laurels No More in a five-on-five showdown at Slammiversary. Who volition reign supreme when Honor No More collides with the Affect Originals in the birthplace of IMPACT Wrestling, Nashville, Tennessee?

At Slammiversary, former friends and enemies Rosemary and AAA Reina de Reinas Champion Taya Valkyrie will join forces to challenge The Influence for the Knockouts World Tag Team Titles! After Havok failed to prove herself to The Influence, she disappeared from the IMPACT! Zone. One week later, Rosemary scored a huge victory over Tenille Dashwood in singles activeness but quickly found herself on the receiving finish of a 2-on-ane beatdown. There to make the salve was Taya Valkyrie as she assisted Rosemary in sending The Influence scurrying to the back. Can Rosemary and Valkyrie coexist in order to add yet another championship milestone to their long listing of accolades? Or will The Influence continue their trend-setting reign?

Prepare for Impact’southward biggest event of the summer on Countdown to Slammiversary streaming Live & FREE this Sunday at 7:30pm ET on IMPACT Plus and YouTube. Despite defeating Matt Cardona at The Wrestling Revolver to become the new Digital Media Champion, Rich Swann does not accept possession of the belt he rightfully earned. After Cardona lost, he stole the title and escaped from the venue. Only Cardona would endure an injury, requiring him to footstep abroad from in-band competition. Cardona passed the chugalug onto his longtime ally, Brian Myers, and the phase is now set. Rich Swann battles Brian Myers with the Digital Media Title up for grabs!

I of the about notorious match types in Touch on Wrestling history makes its long-awaited render equally the Reverse Battle Royal comes to Inaugural. Featuring a unique set of rules where all competitors start outside of the band and fight their manner in, you never know who may show upwards for a shot at greatness!

20 Years of Impact: 2021

Stream every pay-per-view from 2021 on Affect Plus

Kenny Omega’south inflow in Touch sent shockwaves all through the wrestling world. Omega made his in-ring debut at Hard To Impale every bit the team of him and The Good Brothers faced the trio of Rich Swann, Moose and Chris Sabin. Despite an impressive fight from the Bear upon trio, Omega pinned Swann and set in motion a historic title match. Swann would survive a difficult challenge against Moose at Cede before an fifty-fifty bigger claiming was coming. At Rebellion in April, the IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann would face the AEW World Champion Kenny Omega in a Title vs. Title friction match.

With Mauro Ranallo on the call as a special guest announcer, both Omega and Swann walked into the tense encounter knowing ane human being would walk out empty handed and the other would hold the World Championships of two major promotions. Swann gave it his all but information technology was once again the Ane Winged Angel that put him down – making AEW’s Kenny Omega the IMPACT World Champion. Omega would retain the championship against Moose and Sami Callihan before losing it to a surprising opponent. On the debut episode of AEW Rampage, Christian Cage ended Kenny Omega’south reign with a Killswitch – adding an Affect Earth Championship to the NWA Earth Title he previously held in TNA. Christian had successful defenses confronting Ace Austin and Brian Myers before running into a man that took the X-Division past storm.

After the departure of Ethan Page, Josh Alexander went solo in IMPACT pursuing the X-Sectionalisation Title. Josh captured the gold from TJP in a three way that too featured Ace Austin and went on one of the best runs with the title in history. Josh defended the title against Ace Austin, El Phantasmo, TJP in the commencement sixty Infinitesimal Iron Human Match in Affect history, in Ultimate X at Slammiversary, against Black Taurus, Jake Something and Ten-Partition icon Chris Sabin. Every single match was a archetype, every single match stole the bear witness as Alexander proved beyond all incertitude that he was one of the very all-time in the world.

After a message of support from Chris Sabin at Victory Road, Josh Alexander uttered 2 very famous words: Option C. Alexander declared his intention to forgo the X-Division Championship in club to challenge Christian Cage at Jump For Glory. Despite Christian’south attempts to arrive Alexander’southward head, Josh defeated “The Instant Archetype” at Spring For Glory to bear witness he was the best beyond all doubt. Josh’s reign would exist short lived though equally Moose called his shot to end Alexander’s reign in mere minutes. Trey Miguel would then win the vacant X-Sectionalization Championship and hold the title for the residue of the year.

The Forbidden Door was swinging open constantly in 2021 – but not just for wrestlers from AEW. For the starting time time in a decade, stars from New Japan Pro Wrestling appeared in IMPACT. FinJuice won the Tag Team Titles, El Phantasmo challenged for the X-Division Title, the legendary Satoshi Kojima battled Trigger-happy By Design, Bullet Club leader Jay White made a shocking appearance at Slammiversary to confront The Elite, Minoru Suzuki faced off against Josh Alexander in a dream match – never before had and so many stars from New Japan appeared in Bear upon.

Kenny Omega wasn’t the merely star to go between AEW and IMPACT. The Good Brothers would become a weekly fixture on AEW television, while stars like Matt Hardy and Individual Party as well as IMPACT legends similar Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels would appear often on IMPACT. Slammiversary was once once again shrouded in mystery every bit stars like Thunder Rosa, Chelsea Green, Mickie James, Jay White and No Way popped upwards to surprise everybody. Information technology was the kickoff of a truly unprecedented amount of cross-promotional activeness.

Eric Young’s Trigger-happy By Design group fabricated a huge touch on the tag team sectionalization in 2021. NJPW stars FinJuice defeated The Good Brothers to capture Tag Team gold merely Young’south allies Rhino and Joe Doering called their shot to accept the titles from FinJuice. VBD used their numbers reward to hang onto the gold until Slammiversary where The Skillful Brothers regained the titles and held them for the residuum of the year. Notably, the titles were too dedicated on an episode of AEW Dynamite as The Practiced Brothers retained against The Dark Social club squad of Evil Uno and Stu Grayson.

2021 continued to be the year of Deonna Purrazzo as she fabricated successful title defenses confronting Taya Valkyrie, the legendary ODB, Jazz in a Championship vs. Career match, Tenille Dashwood, Rosemary, Havok, Thunder Rosa and Lady Frost. She even added the AAA Reina de Reinas title at TripleMania to become Champ Champ. Nevertheless, Deonna immediately had issues with the returning Mickie James. “Hardcore Country” and “The Virtuosa” didn’t get along culminating in a title lucifer between the two at Spring For Glory – every bit Mickie became champion once more, holding the championship for the residue of the year. The Knockouts Earth Tag Team Titles were besides revived – with Burn Northward Flava becoming the new champions as Decay, Jordynne Grace and Rachael Ellering, and The IInspiration also held the titles in 2021.

Other notable events from 2021: Awesome Kong was inducted into the Hall of Fame at Leap For Glory. Eddie Edwards defeated Sami Callihan at Hard to Impale in the fourth Barbed Wire Massacre match. Matt Cardona made his shock debut at Difficult To Kill before engaging in a rivalry with his old partner Brian Myers. The monstrous W. Morrissey debuted at Rebellion and dominated Impact for the twelvemonth. Steve Maclin arrived in IMPACT with a chip on his shoulder, going undefeated for months. The Super X-Cup returned for the first time in iv years with Ace Austin joining Dezmond Xavier, Samoa Joe and Chris Sabin as winners. The all-Knockouts Knockouts Knockdown event returned in Oct.

Don’t miss Slammiversary Alive June 19th on pay-per-view

Dave Hebner Passes Away

IMPACT Wrestling is deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Dave Hebner. Nosotros offering our sincere condolences to his family and friends during this difficult time.

20 Years of Bear upon: 2020

Stream every pay-per-view from 2020 on Touch on Plus

Our World Changed in 2020. It’south piece of cake to call back about how 2020 changed the globe in many means merely Slammiversary was an industry shaking event. For weeks beforehand, anticipation built effectually only who would appear at IMPACT’due south yearly anniversary PPV extravaganza. At to the lowest degree i former Globe Champion was promised, many other debuts and returns were teased – but merely exactly who and how many people would be appearing at Slammiversary was anybody’s judge. Slammiversary came and blew away all expectations.

The Skillful Brothers team of Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows announced they were headed to IMPACT 24 hours before the result and that set the tone for things to come. The Motor Metropolis Machine Guns returned to IMPACT for the get-go fourth dimension since 2012 every bit a team to defeat The Rascalz in the opening match, Heath arrived to accept out Rohit Raju earlier reuniting with Rhino, Eric Young returned equally a surprise competitor in the main upshot and the show went off the air with a warning from the returning EC3. Brian Myers would soon follow and the face of Impact was inverse forever.

A devastating human knee injury put Rich Swann on the shelf for the starting time half of 2020 – but later on a surprise return in the main event of Slammiversary, Swann looked improve than ever – fifty-fifty going so far as to eliminate Eric Young from the match. The maniacal Young did not take kindly to that elimination, ruthlessly attacking Swann and specifically targeting Swann’s surgically repaired leg. Eddie Edwards would win the Earth Championship for a second time at Slammiversary only he would then be dethroned by Eric Immature.

The damage caused by Young’due south attack forced Swann to announce his retirement, but Young however wasn’t happy – once again attacking Swann. Swann was out for revenge and overcame his injuries to claiming Immature for the World Championship at Bound For Glory, pulling off a monumental victory confronting all odds to go IMPACT World Champion. Swann went from the heartbreak of injury in January to the triumph of a World Championship victory in October, as the roster flooded out to celebrate with Swann. Swann would close out the year with successful title defenses against Sami Callihan, Ken Shamrock and Chris Bey.

Taya Valkyrie’due south tape-breaking Knockouts World Title reign finally came to an terminate in Mexico City as Jordynne Grace captured gold and airtight the book on Taya’s over year-long reign. A new force was most to enter the Knockouts Partition though as Deonna Purrazzo announced her arrival in June and came straight for the champion Grace. The two faced off in an amazing match at Slammiversary 2020 with Deonna becoming champion before battling in an as gripping rematch at Emergence – this time in the kickoff always Knockouts xxx Minute Iron Man Match. Deonna would briefly lose the title to Su Yung at Bound For Glory before quickly regaining it, proving the Knockouts division belonged to “The Virtuosa”.

Ace Austin’s X-Division Championship reign came to an cease at Rebellion Night ane as Willie Mack conquered the advised, immature champion. Some other 10-Division newcomer Chris Bey speedily made his mark as he defeated Willie to become champion at Slammiversary. While Bey may be the Ultimate Finesser, he ran into the wily genius of Rohit Raju – who feigned to be allies with Bey simply to take Bey’s title. Rohit managed to hold on to the championship past any means necessary – even ensuring TJP could never challenge him for the title once again. That never said annihilation about Manik however, as TJP’s masked alter-ego captured gold at Concluding Resolution.

The North connected to boss the tag team sectionalisation – becoming the longest reigning champions in history. That is, until they ran into The Motor City Car Guns. Later Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley returned at Slammiversary, they immediately found themselves in the position of number i contenders and defeated The North for the titles in a dream match. The Guns then retained the belts against The Due north and The Rascalz before Josh Alexander took out Alex Shelley, allowing The North to regain the titles in a 4 mode at Bound For Glory. The Proficient Brothers can’t be kept away from gold for too long in any company though as they defeated The North to add the Touch on Earth Tag Team Titles to their extensive resume at Turning Point.

Other notable events from 2020: Tessa Blanchard defeated Sami Callihan to become World Champion at Hard To Kill. Ken Shamrock was inducted into the IMPACT Hall of Fame at Bound For Glory. An innovative Wrestle Business firm reality show serial ran on IMPACT throughout the summer. Monthly Touch Plus specials returned with Victory Road. James Storm made his surprise return to Affect in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet at Bound For Celebrity. Moose defeated EC3 at Bound For Glory to take command of his narrative. AEW World Champion Kenny Omega made his debut in December in an consequence that would go on to shake Impact to its core in 2021.

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20 Years of Bear on: 2019

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As Brian Cage ramped up his pursuit of the IMPACT World Championship, Johnny Bear on became increasingly insecure – looking to do anything he could to hang onto gilded. He just about escaped from Homecoming with the title, fending off Brian Cage’s Pick C challenge, merely The Auto’due south chase was only outset. As Cage got closer and closer to Johnny, Johnny croaky nether pressure – using decadent official John Eastward. Bravo to go on the title around his waist every bit Johnny and Taya Valkyrie looked to rule IMPACT. Brian Muzzle would finally get some other shot at Rebellion – this time with special referee Lance Storm in place to ensure that Johnny couldn’t tilt the scales in his favor in whatsoever way. Cage defeated Johnny in Toronto to capture the richest prize in Bear on Wrestling.

Bear on Wrestling, Rebellion, Photography by Andrea Kellaway.

Sami Callihan tormented Bear on since debuting at Bound For Glory 2017. From his rivalry with LAX to cracking Eddie Edwards’ face with a baseball bat to trying to remove The Lucha Bros’ masks to piledriving Rich Swann on LEGO – “The Decease Machine” lived up to his proper name at every turn. He as well held the distinction of being the start homo in Bear upon to pin World Champion Brian Muzzle. Cage and Callihan battled in the Bound For Celebrity main event and while Cage retained, Callihan could non exist denied – defeating Cage inside a steel cage on the AXS Television receiver debut episode to get Globe Champion and hold the belt for the rest of the year.

Taya Valkyrie defeated Tessa Blanchard to go Knockouts Globe Champion at Homecoming, what would get the offset of a dynasty. Taya would hang on to the Knockouts Title for the entire year – defeating Rosemary, Tenille Dashwood, Havok, Madison Rayne, Jordynne Grace, Su Yung, Katie Forbes and more than to reign supreme. A victory over Big Mami in Mexico Urban center in August cemented Taya’s place as the longest reigning Knockouts Champion of all-time, even surviving an incredible Monster’southward Ball match at Slammiversary against Rosemary, Havok and Su.

With Brian Cage invoking Pick C, the vacant X-Division Championship was on the line in Ultimate 10 at Homecoming – the first Ultimate X match in a year and a one-half. Rich Swann defeated Ethan Page, Trey Miguel and Jake Crist that night to become champion for the offset fourth dimension – beginning a memorable reign with marquee PPV title defenses against Sami Callihan and Johnny IMPACT. The numbers game of oVe eventually overwhelmed Swann allowing Jake Crist to become champion, before newcomer Ace Austin ended the twelvemonth as champion after a ladder match at Spring For Glory.

LAX institute new rivals in the tag squad division in The Lucha Bros. Both teams were known for fast-paced, difficult-hit action and were a friction match fabricated in sky when it came to explosive memorable encounters. LAX retained the titles at Homecoming simply The Lucha Bros captured aureate in Mexico City before their rivalry culminated at Rebellion in an incredible Full Metal Mayhem lucifer with LAX regaining the golden. The Due north squad of Josh Alexander and Ethan Folio debuted in Affect and speedily made their mark – winning the Tag Team Titles at Bash at the Brewery. The Due north would remain champions for the rest of the year.

Other notable events from 2019: Touch returned abode to the TNA Asylum in Nashville ane final fourth dimension at Homecoming, a show that featured “The Monster” Completeness final match in IMPACT. “The World’s Nearly Unsafe Human” and outset World Champion in TNA history Ken Shamrock returned to IMPACT to face Moose at Bound For Glory. Stars from all over the wrestling globe came together for United We Stand in April – as Rob Van Dam made his render to Affect. IMPACT unearthed tapes from yesteryear equally the IPWF premiered on Thanksgiving night. Gail Kim came out of retirement for one final match at Rebellion against Tessa Blanchard.

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