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Who Accepts Bitcoin as Payment?

By: Ofir Beigel | Last updated: 12/viii/22

Bitcoin has taken over the cryptocurrency marketplace. Information technology’s the largest and most well-known digital currency today. Many big companies are accepting Bitcoin as a legitimate source of funds.  This post will cover them all.

Who Accepts Bitcoin Summary

A 2020 survey past HSB reveals that 36% of pocket-size-medium businesses in the U.s. accept Bitcoin. The well-nigh popular companies accepting Bitcoin payments worldwide today are:

  • Wikipedia
  • Microsoft
  • AT&T

Or, you tin can use this search engine that allows yous to search for vendors past products.

If you want a detailed list of companies who take Bitcoin keep on reading. Hither’s what I’ll embrace:

  1. Major Companies who Have Bitcoin
  2. Stores that Accept Bitcoin
  3. Ofttimes Asked Questions
  4. Conclusion

1. Major Companies Who Accepts Bitcoin as Payment


Wikimedia, the visitor that operates the globe’due south largest open-source encyclopedia, Wikipedia, accepts donations in Bitcoin. Payment is done through BitPay.


The company allows the employ of Bitcoin to superlative up your Microsoft account. In the past, the company halted its acceptance of cryptocurrency simply shortly after resumed their service.


AT&T is the first major U.S. mobile carrier to provide a cryptocurrency payment option to customers through BitPay.

Burger Male monarch

According to local news reports, Burger King outlets in Venezuela appear a partnership with Cryptobuyer to accept cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment. Customers tin pay in Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Tether.

Additionally, the German branch of Burger King has begun accepting Bitcoin on its website and mobile app on September 3, 2019. However, this was more of a marketing gimmick that doesn’t enable y’all to buy at an actual brick and mortar shop.

You can only pay with Bitcoins and Bitcoin Cash past ordering commitment online through the Lieferservice commitment service, which works with restaurants throughout the land.


KFC Canada decided to accept Bitcoin for a limited time in exchange for the “Bitcoin Bucket”. The company processed payment through BitPay and the bucket was to be delivered direct to the customer’s home address.


Overstock, a famous American online retailer that sells big-ticket items at lower prices due to overstocking, partnered with Coinbase in order to allow Bitcoin payments for their online orders.


Several Subway branches have (or used to accept, the current condition is unknown) Bitcoin as payment for their sandwiches. You can run into an example in this video:


Amazon endemic leading game streaming platform accepts Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash as payment for its services. The visitor removed this selection on March 2019 but then re-enabled it in June.

Pizza Hut

Every bit of November 2020, the giant pizza franchise Pizza Hut can exist at present purchased and paid for with Bitcoin in Venezuela. This is following the economic sanctions imposed on the country that drove cryptocurrency acceptance to new heights. While this step is far from being global, it could be an indication of things to come.

Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins intend to give dwelling game attendees the power to pay with Litecoin and Bitcoin when purchasing tickets for the team’s 50/50 raffle, where half of the proceeds benefit the Miami Dolphins Foundation and its charitable causes.

Dallas Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks at present accept Bitcoin as a method of payment for both game tickets and merchandise. BitPay will procedure all Bitcoin payments through the team’s website.

Virgin Galactic

Richard Branson visitor that includes Virgin Mobile and Virgin Airlines allows yous to pay for space travel with Bitcoins.

Norwegian Air

Norwegian Air Shuttle (Norwegian), Scandinavia’southward largest airline and Europe’south tertiary-largest budget airline, plans to provide a payment solution enabling customers to pay for tickets with cryptocurrency.


1 of the leading domain proper noun registrants start accepting Bitcoin dorsum in 2013 since it has been requested by the company’s tech audience.


An American online travel agency, established in 1989 has started accepting Bitcoin through Coinbase and after inverse their payment processor to BTCPayServer.


Purchase & ship gift cards online for retailers like Amazon, Starbucks, and iTunes. The company accepts Bitcoin as payment without whatever additional fees.


An online retailer of items including computer hardware and consumer electronics. The company is one of the first to accept Bitcoin payment.

The Net Archive

A San Francisco–based nonprofit digital library with the stated mission of “universal admission to all knowledge” accepts Bitcoin donations. Its web archive, the Wayback Auto, contains hundreds of billions of web captures.

The Pirate Bay

An online alphabetize of digital content of entertainment media and software. The site accepts Bitcoin and cryptocurrency donations since 2013.


A beloved site among crypto users, 4Chan is an imageboard website. Users generally post anonymously, with the most recent posts appearing in a higher place the rest.

4chan is divide into diverse boards with their own specific content and guidelines. Registration is non possible. The site accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin as payment for a 4Chan pass.

A deject storage and file hosting service launched on January 19, 2013, past Kim Dotcom, who had previously founded Megaupload. The site accepts Bitcoin for account upgrades.

Amazon (not straight)

While Amazon, the biggest online retailer today, doesn’t accept Bitcoin directly you lot tin can employ to store for annihilation on the site and pay with Bitcoin. The site connects people who accept Bitcoin and want to buy on Amazon with people who desire to go Bitcoin in return for fulfilling an order.


One of the largest virtual individual network service that allows y’all to surf online securely and privately. ExpressVPN is a subscription-based service that accepts Bitcoin.


Sport Lisboa e Benfica, commonly known as Benfica is an extremely popular sports gild based in Lisbon Portugal. The visitor accepts Bitcoin for game tickets and merchandise.


Quiznos, the Denver-based restaurant brand specializing in subs, has announced plans to accept crypto at its Denver airport co-operative.


AMC, the American-based renowned motion picture theatre concatenation, has announced that by the finish of 2021 it volition accept Bitcoin as payment for movie tickets. This option volition be available across all of AMC’southward US theatres.

1. Stores that Accept Bitcoin as Payment

Aside from the large companies I’ve mentioned in the previous chapter, in that location are many small and medium businesses (SMBs) that accept Bitcoin as well.

  • Alza
    – Largest Czech online retailer
  • Culling Airlines
    –  A flight-search website that offers means to book flights using a range of cryptocurrencies.
  • Bitcoin.Travel
    – a travel site that provides accommodation, apartments, attractions, etc.
  • Travala – is the largest cryptocurrency-friendly OTA in the world. It offers comprehensive travel products, such as hotel lodging and tours, for a big pick of destinations. Services tin exist paid with a diversity of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum included. is backed by Binance, the popular crypto exchange.
  • Pembury Tavern
    – A pub in London, England
  • Quondam Fitzroy
    – A pub in Sydney, Australia
  • The Pinkish Cow
    – A diner in Tokyo, Nippon
  • Zynga
    – Mobile gaming
  • EZTV
    – Torrents Tv set shows provider
  • Lumfile
    – Gratis cloud base file server – pay for premium services
  • Etsy Vendors
    – 93 of them
    – Domino’south Pizza signed upward – pay for their pizza with bitcoins
    – Purchase your favorite coffee online
  • Grass Hill Alpacas
    – A local subcontract in Haydenville, MA
  • Jeffersons Store
    – A streetwear article of clothing store in Bergenfield, Northward.J
  • Helen’s Pizza
    – Jersey Urban center, Due north.J., you can get a piece of pizza for bitcoin.
  • A Class Limousine
    – Pick you up and drop y’all off at Newark (N.J.) Airport
    – Get SEO work done on your site cheap
    – Discover amazing stuff, collect the things you dear, buy it all in one place
    – Indie game site
    – Games for PC, Mac, and Smartphones (iPhone, Android, Windows)
    – Chicago based online paper
  • San Jose Earthquakes
    – San Jose California Professional Soccer Squad (MLS)
    – The fastest and easiest way to pool funds with family unit and friends
  • Lumfile
    – Server visitor that offers complimentary deject-based servers
  • Museum of the Coastal Bend
    – 2200 E Reddish River Street, Victoria, Texas 77901, USA
  • Gap, GameStop and JC Penney
    – accept to use
  • Fight for the Future
    – Leading organization finding for Cyberspace freedom
  • i-Pmart (
    – A Malaysian online mobile phone and electronic parts retailer
    – A full of 12 restaurants on the listing of restaurants have bitcoins in San Francisco
  • Dish Network – An American directly-circulate satellite service provider
  • The Libertarian Political party
    – U.s. political party
    – Croation yacht charter company
  • Euro Pacific
    – A major precious metal dealer
  • CEX
    – The trade-in chain has a shop in Glasgow, Scotland that accepts bitcoin
  • Straub Auto Repairs
    – 477 Warburton Ave, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706 – (914) 478-1177
  • PSP Mollie
    – Dutch Payment Service
  • Intuit
    – an American software company that develops financial and revenue enhancement preparation software.
  • ShopJoy
    – An Australian online retailer that sells novelty and unique gifts
    – Las Vegas high-speed net services
  • Grooveshark
    – Online music streaming service based in the The states
  • MIT Coop Shop
    – Massachusetts Establish of Applied science student bookstore
  • SimplePay
    – Nigeria’due south virtually popular spider web and mobile-based wallet service
  • SFU bookstore – Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada
  • State Republican Party
    – Beginning State Republican Political party to have bitcoin donations
    – Respiratory medical equipment supplies store
    – An online store that allows anyone to sell their products
  • Famsa
    – United mexican states’s biggest retailer
  • Naughty America
    – Adult entertainment provider
  • United mexican states’s Universidad de las Américas Puebla
    – A major university in Mexico
    – Online movie ticket substitution/retailer
  • Dream Lover
    – Online human relationship service
  • Rakuten
    – A Japanese e-commerce giant
  • Badoo
    – Online dating network
  • RE/MAX London
    – UK-based franchisee of the global real estate network
  • T-Mobile Poland
    – T-Mobile’southward Poland-based mobile phone top-upwardly company
  • Stripe
    – San Francisco-based payments company
  • WebJet
    – Online travel agency
  • Dark-green Man Gaming
    – Popular digital game reseller
  • Save the Children  – Global clemency organization
  • NCR Silvery
    – Signal of sales systems
  • Ane Shot Hotels
    – Spanish hotel chain
  • Coupa Caféin Palo Alto
  • PureVPN
    – VPN provider
  • That’south my face – create action figures
  • Foodler –North American restaurant delivery visitor
  • Amagi Metals – Precious metal furnisher

While many companies are very excited to let u.s. know when they start accepting Bitcoin they don’t bother to update if they stop. Therefore this list tin be somewhat outdated, and then take it with a grain of salt.

Additional SMBs that accept Bitcoin can exist found here and here. Also, many people have started advertising their SMBs in the annotate section of this page.

3. Frequently Asked Questions

Can Bitcoin be Converted to Cash?

Yes, you lot can convert Bitcoin to greenbacks at a Bitcoin ATM or through a Bitcoin commutation.

Does Amazon Accept Bitcoin?

No. Y’all can’t pay with Bitcoins on Amazon. However, you tin can buy stuff on Amazon indirectly with Bitcoin past using

Does Microsoft Still Take Bitcoin?

Yes. According to the updated terms of service of Microsoft, they still have Bitcoin, though there is a fine impress which is of import to read.

Does Starbucks Have Bitcoin?

No. Starbucks does not accept Bitcoin.

Do Hotels Accept Bitcoin?

In general, hotels don’t accept Bitcoin. In the past, Expedia
has accustomed Bitcoin for travel bookings, merely that activity ceased onetime around June 2018.

What Tin can I Buy with Bitcoin?

Today it’due south possible to purchase nigh anything with Bitcoin through the utilize of Bitcoin debit cards. These cards are issued by Visa or Mastercard and can exist loaded with funds via Bitcoin.

Does Expedia Nonetheless Accept Bitcoin?

No, Expedia quietly

stopped accepting

Bitcoin in 2018.

Does eBay Have Bitcoin?

No. eBay does not let Bitcoin as a payment method.

iv. Determination

While not a lot of places accept Bitcoin directly, it’due south clear to see that the adoption of Bitcoin as a payment method is increasing with each year. One instance is the emergence of companies such equally NowPayments, a crypto payment gateway that can integrate to any concern and allow it to accept Bitcoin, too as many other coins.

So, while nosotros still have a long way to go until all companies volition have Bitcoin directly and non through payment processors or Bitcoin debit cards, you can detect big brands like Microsoft, AT&T, and Overstock that have already taken a footstep in the correct direction.

Do you know of any business that accepts bitcoin as payment and is not listed on this page? Experience free to share it in the comment section below.

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