Trust Wallet Eth Not Showing Up

Is Trust Wallet not showing the residuum or the toll of a token that yous ain?

If you’ve recently swapped BNB/Ethereum for a token, you might not exist able to see the balance of it.

Information technology tin can exist scary because yous
can’t encounter the balance
of the token you lot’ve bought.

Every bit a result, you lot might call back that your tokens are gone.

Withal, this is usually non the instance unless you’ve swapped a token
that is not supported
on Trust Wallet.

Trust Wallet supports more than 160,000 assets and forty blockchains.

Hence, information technology’due south rare that the token you lot’ve bought is not supported on it.

In this article, you’ll learn why Trust Wallet is not showing balance and how to fix it.

  • Why is Trust Wallet non showing residual?
  • How to set Trust Wallet non showing residue

Why is Trust Wallet non showing rest?

Trust Wallet is non showing residuum because you didn’t add the token to your wallet yet.

Information technology tin also hateful that the token that you’ve bought is non supported on Trust Wallet.

Whenever yous buy a token on Trust Wallet via a decentralized exchange, the remainder of it will not be shown on your wallet.

This is because
you haven’t added it

to your wallet yet.

For case, if you’ve recently swapped BNB for SAFEMOON and yous haven’t added SAFEMOON to your wallet, you won’t be able to come across its balance.

To see how much SAFEMOON yous ain, y’all need to
copy its accost

from a site like CoinMarketCap.

Then, paste information technology on the settings page of Trust Wallet.

Lastly, enable SAFEMOON by turning on the switch.

After you’ve enabled a token on Trust Wallet, yous’ll see how much of it you own on your wallet.

However, if you’ve recently bought a very new or unpopular token,
it might not be supported
on Trust Wallet.

If that’s the case, you demand to confirm the residuum of the token’s accost on a site similar Etherscan.

How to fix Trust Wallet not showing balance

To set Trust Wallet now showing residuum, you need to manually add the token’due south address on the app.

In one case you’ve added the token’s accost on the app, yous’ll be able to see your balance of it.

Whenever you bandy a token on Trust Wallet via a decentralized exchange like PancakeSwap,
it will not be automatically added to your wallet.

Hence, you need to
manually add the token’s address
on Trust Wallet via the Settings page.

And then, you’ll be able to enable the token on your wallet.

Otherwise, yous won’t be able to encounter the rest of the token y’all own.

Here’s how yous tin can fix Trust Wallet not showing balance:

1. Copy the token’s address

CoinMarketCap search

Firstly, you lot need to copy the token’s accost then yous can add information technology to Trust Wallet.

To exercise so, go to

CoinMarketCap is a cryptocurrency market place and tracking site.

You tin besides utilize it to find and re-create the address of various cryptocurrencies.

One time you’re on the site,
tap on the search icon
at the top of the page.

CoinMarketCap cryptoassets

Afterwards yous’ve tapped on the search icon, the search field volition be expanded.

On the search field, y’all’ll see trending tokens.

Search for the cryptocurrency
that you’ve recently bought on Trust Wallet.

For example, if you’ve recently bought SAFEMOON and you want to see its balance on Trust Wallet, search for “SAFEMOON”.

So, tap on “SafeMoon” to see the token.

SAFEMOON address

After yous’ve searched for the token that y’all want to add on Trust Wallet, you’ll see its details.

You’ll run across the token’s rank, price, links, and more.

Scroll downwards the folio until you run across the
“Contracts” tab.

The “Contracts” tab shows the token’southward address and chain (eastward.grand. Binance Smart Chain).

On the contracts tab, you’ll come across a indistinguishable icon.

Tap on the duplicate icon
to copy the token’s address.

2. Add the token to Trust Wallet

Now that you’ve copied the token’s accost on CoinMarketCap, you need to paste it on Trust Wallet.

This can be done on the Settings page of the app.

Firstly, open Trust Wallet on your mobile device.

tap on the Settings icon
on the top correct corner of your screen.

How to fix Trust Wallet not showing balance

After you’ve tapped on the Settings icon, you’ll country on the “Manage” folio.

On the “Manage” page, yous’ll run across a listing of cryptocurrencies that is enabled on your wallet.

Past default, Trust Wallet will display Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, and Smart Chain on your wallet.

To display your residue of other cryptocurrencies, you need to notice and enable it.

To do so,
paste the address
that y’all’ve copied from the first step on the search bar.

After you’ve pasted the token’south address, it’ll announced on the search results if it is supported on Trust Wallet.

Tap on the switch
to enable the token on Trust Wallet.

Trust Wallet balance

Once you’ve enabled the token on Trust Wallet, tap on “Done”.

Then, caput dorsum to the wallet page of the app.

you’ll be able to meet the token
on your wallet.

You’ll also be able to run across your residue of information technology.

You lot’ve successfully stock-still the residual event on Trust Wallet!


If yous’re however unable to come across the residue of the token that y’all own on Trust Wallet, there are a few other solutions that you can try.

Firstly, you need to
cheque if the token is supported

on Trust Wallet.

In some cases, the token’s logo might not exist displayed properly because it is not added to Trust Wallet’s database yet.

In add-on, brand certain to check your internet connexion and VPN as the app but works when you’re online.

When y’all’re in a country that bans cryptocurrency sites and apps, Trust Wallet may not work.

To fix this, you lot can effort
enabling or disabling your VPN.

You lot can also endeavor testing whether the app works on another device.

This examination is important if yous’re submitting a ticket.

If all else fails, you can try submitting a ticket on the Trust Wallet community here:

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