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This giveaway will accolade a total of $1.2 1000000 in DOGE. Observe out how to enter the sweepstakes.

The pop crypto exchange Coinbase recently made Dogecoin (DOGE) bachelor for trading on its platform. Users tin can now buy, sell, convert, ship, receive, or store Dogecoin on Coinbase.com and through the Coinbase and Coinbase Pro apps.

Dogecoin is a meme-focused coin that started every bit a joke and has grown in popularity due to its community and its adorable Shiba Inu mascot. To celebrate adding Dogecoin to their platform, Coinbase recently appear a Dogecoin Sweepstakes, where the company plans to give away a total of $1.2 Million in DOGE. Keep reading to acquire more than about Coinbase and this popular cryptocurrency.

Coinbase users tin can now trade Dogecoin

Dogecoin started officially trading on Coinbase Pro and Coinbase on June 3. The company get-go added the coin to its Pro platform then later in the twenty-four hours made it available on their regular platform. Coinbase users accept been asking for more coins to be added to the platform. Dogecoin is one of the latest coins to be added.

Coinbase volition give abroad $1.ii meg in prizes

To encourage users to trade Doge, Coinbase plans to give away $1.ii one thousand thousand worth of Dogecoin to vi,011 lucky people:

  1. 1 winner will receive $300,000 in DOGE
  2. 10 winners will receive $30,000 in DOGE
  3. 6,000 winners will receive $100 in DOGE

To accept part in this giveaway, Coinbase users can sign into their account and officially opt in. Then they volition need to buy or sell $100 in DOGE by June 10, 2021, for a chance to win a prize.

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Get started

Don’t desire to merchandise $100 worth of DOGE but want to become in on the giveaway action? According to the official competition rules, you tin also opt into the giveaway without ownership or selling Dogecoin. To practise this, you’ll demand to snail mail service out a 3×5 handwritten card. Here are further instructions:

  1. Hand-write your name, address, city, state, zip code, email address, phone number, and date of birth on a 3×5 card.
  2. Put the unmarried card into an envelope and mail it to Coinbase Dogecoin Sweepstakes, P.O. Box 738, Syosset, NY 11791-0738.
  3. Yous must mitt-write the return address and mailing address.
  4. Be certain to include sufficient postage.
  5. Your entry must be postmarked by June 10 and received by June 15.

Winners will exist randomly selected from eligible entries on or around June 17. Only one entry is immune per person. You must be 18+ and a legal resident of the United States or the District of Columbia. Hawaii residents are excluded from the giveaway.

Should you purchase Dogecoin?

You’ve probable heard of Dogecoin or have seen some of the many funny Doge memes. While there is a lot of talk about Dogecoin, you lot want to make sure that you lot enquiry earlier investing in this money.

Dogecoin is extremely volatile, and you should always merchandise with caution. Yous demand to fully understand the risks and brand sure that information technology’south the right investment for you.

We’ve previously discussed the dangers of Dogecoin. Fortunately, there are many other types of crypto, and then you lot have options to choose from when deciding how to invest your money.

One example is Ether. Despite Doge having bigger price increases this year, there are plenty of reasons to buy Ether over Dogecoin. Whatsoever you make up one’s mind, the biggest dominion to remember is that you should just ever invest what you lot tin beget to lose.

Researching before putting your money into any cryptocurrency is primal. If you want to learn more then you can brainstorm your crypto journey, take a look at our beginner’s guide to cryptocurrency.

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