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Pulse Bomber Begins Preparations for Pulse Concatenation

Rosedale, California–(Newsfile Corp. – Dec 2, 2021) – Pulse Bomber is a new projection allowing users to invest $PULSEBOMBER tokens with its crypto mining platform – aiming to get the offset mover to the anticipated PulseChain Network when the mainnet goes live. The project is making its inception on the Binance Smart Chain and with its visionary roadmap, is envisioning becoming a prominent coin.

With the upcoming migration to Pulse Concatenation expected in one-ii months, the project has commenced plans for the 1:1 airdrop, and further development efforts.

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Pulse Bomber is a BSC projection bridging to Pulse Concatenation

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The project has been growing its customs on the Binance Smart Chain, where the mining platform was deployed for holders to mine $PULSEBOMBER tokens while they wait for the releases Pulse Bomber have layed out on their roadmap. The main focus earlier the PulseChain network goes live is to gain a healthy market cap and growth plan for a head start, starting on the BSC.

There are many releases coming in the time to come for the Pulse Bomber community, including an NFT marketplace; a game with metaverse engineering, and a launchpad. These launches obsess several different communities within the crypto infinite, and could potentially attract many eyes.

The Pulse Bomber Miner – Invest the Native Token

The mining platform titled
Pulse Bomber Miner
is a arrangement created by the team that generates rewards in the course of tokens. The miner requires a deposit of $PULSEBOMBER in exchange for
that work to generate compoundable rewards, or can be pocketed by pick of the user.

The transaction fees that come up with the platform are 5% on deposits and 25% on withdrawals. There are no fees when compounding to encourage fees circulating back into the miner contract. All fees are put back into the liquidity pool to keep the foundation of the $PULSEBOMBER token growing.

The Unique Buyback and Fire Feature

The project features a burning system called
Dual Buyback and Burn Protocol
that operates similarly to other tokens with burning tokenomics, but with one significant divergence – burning from the open up market place. When a transaction involving $PULSEBOMBER takes place, ten% of buys and 15% of sells are contributed to the buyback which purchases from the circulating supply rather than the usual non-circulating process.

This system when manually-activated provides potential value straight to the holders, equally the tokens become more scarce immediately due to reducing supply in the open market.

Upcoming Releases and Time to come Involving PulseChain

Pulse Bomber has created a roadmap detailing the upcoming releases whose topics contain large audiences in many different industries for Pulse Bomber to potentially captivate on.

The releases that have been announced to come up in the near future include:

  • A Launchpad – an IDO/Presale platform for new token launches
  • Staking – an additional option to invest tokens for holders
  • NFT Market – giving users the ability to trade, buy, and sell exclusive NFTs
  • NFT Gaming – a consummate game with NFTs in the initial development phase
  • Metaverse – aimed to be implemented into the ecosystem, primarily the game

Pulse Bomber has partnered with leading crypto marketing agency – Coinpresso – to become expert assist, in establishing the project as number 1 on the PulseChain network. The agency offers full-stack digital marketing expertise including SEO for crypto; Web-Evolution, Content Copywriting, and Social Media Management.

The platform holds a mining platform allowing investment of the native token – featuring a unique dual buyback and fire protocol non usually seen in the crypto space. Their initial inception on the BSC has helped build their community, and with the utilities explained, visionary roadmap and whitepaper, the potential is there for Pulse Bomber to become the number on token on PulseChain.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PulseBomberTKN

Telegram: https://t.me/PulseBomber

Media Contact:

Andreas Costa
[email protected]

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Source: https://www.newsfilecorp.com/release/106260/Pulse-Bomber-Begins-Preparations-for-Pulse-Chain

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